The Climate Emergency


Recently in Burnet News Club lessons, we have been studying the new topic: climate change. This is an issue that I have really hoped would come up in BNC and I finally have the opportunity to express my judgement in something that I am very enthusiastic about. As well as this, I am very supportive towards Gretta Thunberg and her protest towards the perturbing rise in our planet’s temperature. In this post, I will explain these sentiments in greater detail.

What is happening to the earth?

As many people know, the earth has been in crisis with its health temperature, rising 0.008 degrees Celsius over the course of 20 years. Scientists predict that the earths temperature will rise from 2-6 degrees over the next century. Now you may be wondering, what is actually causing this to happen? Well, the human race have been damaging the earth ever since the stone age but how? To begin with, ever since people have founded items such as coal, oil and natural gases, we have released it into the earth’s atmosphere: this is by using the oil for cars and the production of plastic; using the coal to burn items in huge factories therefore polluting the air; and using the natural gases to heat up buildings. Since these three substances are freed into the air, the earth’s atmosphere becomes blocked, not letting the heat out from the sun which warms the gases and keeps them trapped. These are called greenhouse gases because of how warm a greenhouse usually is.

Who is Gretta Thunberg?

Secondly, I would like to address the amount of effort that a simple 16-year-old girl put into a protest (that has become so very large) to save the world as we know it today. Gretta Thunberg- a Swedish school-girl- has merely had strikes from her school to make her voice heard outside of parliament. In her belief, the government were not doing enough to save the environment thus she protested whenever the opportunity laid ahead of her; because of this, she encouraged many, many more to do the same as herself. This has resulted with 1.4 million other school students across 112 different countries to join in her urgent call for change. What I found amazing about this wonderful girl is that at an age of 16, she featured on the front cover of The Times newspaper which in my point of view is an absolute honour. Since Greta has made such a big impact, scientists have called her protest “The Greta Thunberg effect” mainly because of how many people have gone out of their own way to save the planet.

What other effects do humans have on the environment?

A large concern that individuals have is the amount of paper, plastic and wood we use for every-day resources. This can include chopping down trees for our shelter and chopping down trees for paper. Although we are trying to solve the crisis about plastic straws, paper straws also ruin part of the environment, especially rainforests. So basically, either way the straws damage wildlife in some way. Moreover, plastic production is being abused as an average of 8.3 billion tons worth of it lives on earth: to me, this is shocking. 9 billion tons of this litter escape to the ocean every year which is more than the average amount of plastic that is made per year (250,000000). Also, the production of iron and steel ruin the earths anatomy through the abnormally large chimneys in factories; this occurs because of the burning of fossil fuels (fuel made out of natural but harming sources) to melt ores that have been dug up from mines.

All in all, I hope that climate change does not kill the world too soon. Many people are doing the most that they possibly can as the protesters are merely repeating the scientist’s words. I believe that people on this planet do not do enough to prevent the earth from treason and that the health of the earth is becoming more and more critical by the minute. If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments but until then I have some questions for you:

What can you do to prevent climate change?

How will this effect wildlife?

Can one person make a bigger impact?

Do you need a group of people to make an impact?


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