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When we were given the topic of ‘Environmental Crisis’ I thought of doing something more dramatic. I decided to write a letter to the Principal to get them to start recycling more often in school. When I presented this to the club, everyone said we should start collecting plastic bottles to encourage others to recycle more often. In the end we have collected over 1000 plastic bottles that will be recycled or used for a display. We have collected over 300 signatures and are still getting them now. I hope the principal is able to have more recycling within the school and we can become more environmentally friendly.

Here is the letter I had written to our Principal:

Weston Favell Academy

Booth Ln South



Dear Ms Leventhal,

We are writing to you in regards to the lack of recycling at Weston Favell Academy and to provide some solutions that we believe will allow us to become a more environmentally friendly school.

When it comes to the bottles that are being sold within the canteen, is there not a way that we use the money for those drinks to install a proper water fountain. We have seen them at other schools, public building and within train stations. You can either use them to fill up a bottle or drink from them directly. What is even more exciting about it, is that you can actually see how many bottles you have saved from going into the ocean. Even speaking with students, they are eager to bring in their own bottles from home and fill them up at these stations.

For the past 6 months, we have witnessed more bottles being thrown out in the trash than ever before. We would like to provide a solution of having proper recycling bins for plastic, paper and food waste. This would reduce the amount of waste within the bins, but also allow us to be more environmentally friendly. Amey does provide recycling programs, as seen on their website. They are also in charge of the waste management (at the tip).

Is it possible for us to have Amey introduce and have recycling bins for paper, plastic school wide and possible compost for the canteen?

These are just a couple of ideas, and to be fair they are quite simple to do. We would really appreciate your consideration and any feedback that you may have. If money is an issue, we as a student body would be more than happy to try and raise the money. We can do this through mufti day, bake sales, car wash or a donation box in the atrium. Even using the day of the festival to raise money through fun activities and games.

Thank you very much for reading our letter. We hope that you are able to take this into consideration.

Kind Regards,

The Student Body of Weston Favell Academy

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    10 Jul 2019

    I really like how you have used what you have learnt in the Burnet News Club and put this into action. Your letter is well reasoned and thought-through, providing practical solutions to reduce waste at Weston Favell. I hope you get a response and that you start to see changes at your school. Well done!

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