The Story of A Plastic Bottle (in its point of view)

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The Story of A Platic Bottle (in its point of view)

I started off simply like any other ordinary bottle containing water. When I was first created, we were "sold" in packs. My pack kept telling me about how great Recycling is, and how after the process, you feel like new - all the good things about being a water bottle. Recycling seemed (to me) like what everyone was doing.

I was young then, and didn't know the other journeys I was to go through - I thought everyone was in the know!

You see, shortly after chatting about "the future", my pack was sold - to my owner. I was one of the last bottles to be drank. Everyone told me I had nothing to worry about (I trusted them; they had been recycled and recycled previously - so they obviously knew better).

My owner's child quickly grabbed me out of the pack, and took one long sip before running off to school. On the way, she finished all the water in me, and left me on top of a machine that read, "Pay By Phone".

Approximately 6 HOURS (well, it felt like that) after she left me there, a cleaner came along and chucked me in a nearby bin! How very rude! I hoped this was one stage of Recycling. It wasn't. I, helplessly, lied there in the bin until a man came. For some reason (I don't know how - I must've fell asleep. What? It was a long journey!) I found myself floating along a stream, leading to a river, and finally of into the wide, wide ocean below. I felt scared.

This wasn't how the bottles in my pack described the future. They said it involved a machine, yet nothing about a stream or ocean. I was almost angry with them! (Had they lied?)

After months at sea, I was trapped in a massive "garbage patch" as the others called it. I knew 3 bottles there. They explained how this was not the journey of being recycled (as I expected), but he journey of death - even though we were not going to die, but rather break into tiny, tiny pieces - where sea creatures would eat them - then die! We met hundreds of thousands of other bottles at that patch, who very clearly had been much longer than we had.

Honestly - you shouldv'e seen it. They called it a garbage patch, I called it a rotting ground. All the bodies of fellow friends decayed and were destroyed. In fact, because of all the rain, it led toxics into the ocean, killing more poor animals.

A month (or so) had gone by. More and more bottles landed in the patch - expanding it. Now, it just so happened that I was chatting on the edge of the patch when I saw a wierd creature of the sea floating across the water. They had told me how they die because of eating us. Not wanting that, I tried to push it away with my cap. Though it was a little too far. I soon found myself floating towards it. The current was so strong, it was impossible to steer myself to safety. The creature then looked around. Obviously being hungry, it took a big bite out of me. It didn't hurt - well, the bite didn't. Knowing that this - I - would kill this beautiful creature and many others - that hurt. It turned out that the creature didn't move after that, and it died... of starvation.

I wouldn't ever wished for that to happen...

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