The story of a plastic bottle.

What might happen to a plastic bottle sent to landfil?

I never meant to do any harm.When I was heated and moulded, into the common shape that you know as a plastic bottle, I thought that I would live a life like the other tiny bits of plastic that have been squashed, shredded and reused many times. I used to sit there each day, wondering when it was my turn. Glowing with excitment, (at least glowing as much plastic can) I thought of the vast world of excitment waiting for me. Waiting for me to damage all nature and beauty.

After being used just that one time, I was discarded on the road. If only, if only,the owner, who was a lazy person, had put effort in to reach a little futher and drop me in the recycling bin. Day after day I lay on thr roadside, until one day a truck came and took me away. Suddenly, I was afraid. Suddenly, I didn't want to have been mouled. Suddenly, I wished I was back with the other bits of plastic, who were comfortable and safe, away from the vast world of danger. The vast world of failure. There I was dumped among my other plastic friends, yet we were too ashamed of what we were to talk. My mood, which had been solemn ever since my departure from my previous owner, did not improve when it started to rain.

Bits of my body left me, the hopeless bit of plastic with no future. The landfill site of gloom and despair. Toxic water. We were coughing and spluttering, sneezing and spitting, yet the sound of our ordea was not heard by the men who took us here. The water started to leave the landfill site. It was a relief to us but to the flowers nearby it was a distressing and painful momant. We felt worse than we did when suffering from the toxic water, as the pain of the fishes' faces when the water inhabited their bodies were worse than the poisonus water. We felt so guilty that it was us disturbingso much wildlife.Why, why, why, was it me left on the road, not any other bottle. Gloomily, we lay in the soggy site, with no help. We lay there, unwanted.

150 years later, me and my friends were still in that place of despair. There was no way out 150 years ago, and there was still no way out then. What terrible traitor coud do this to us? What tyrant of terror could leave us here? The sound of the man's footsteps sent shivers down my body. Or what was left of it. Before, I was waiting my day to leave my birthplace, to get out into the vast world of adventure. Now all I want to do is leave it. To rot into the ground and leave this life of cruel fate and guit.

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