The Three R's

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Hey guys its me again, artisitc_opinion and today I will be talking about the three D's. If you are reading this, it was great meeting you Olivia and you too Mina! I hope that I get on the leaderboard so that I can go Buckingham Palace. Please give me extra stars! Lets Begin...


Now I will be talking about reducing the aount of gases, oils and plastic you use. Did you know that in landfills many pastic biodegarde after a long period of time, and then they leak out toxins? If you did not know, if everyone reduces the amount of gases and oils, then there wouold be 17% more of a chance to beat climate change?


If everyone on the planet reused the plastic they buy then no more plastic would be wasted. Image this- I am a business man who goes to the shops everyday to buy a bottle of water, which is 25p, couldn't I just go and re fill my water bottle instead of buying a new one everyday. There are two good things about this. You are reusing yor plastic and you do not need to keep on buying more and more plastic bottles.


Recently, in school council, and burnet news club we have been looking at recycling. Expereing many people not recycling and just throwing things away into the Thames, like it is nothing, I feel really frustrated. If everyone recycled then there would be no more plastic crisis, deforestation or climate change. I need you all to recycle for the upcoming future.

Remember we are the future. What we do now will affect us the most and the people to come. Many die due to climate change and many are serverely hurt. Furthermore, if someone reccycles everything they do not need it would very good. If yo do this I am sure that Olivia, Tiff, quiet_horse and I will be proud of! Recently, I was celebrating the scholars programme. Which is basically an experience whre eyou have essays which you need to give in within a period of time. This made me think that I would like to go to university and one of my tutors and a teacher I was working with very closely inspired me. So I would like to start of a message: #be the tomorow. #be the tomorow means that you help yourself be the tomorow. Go to university. Study there. Get a degree. and help the world. I think that people who do these things- people who reuse, reduce and recycle have a life ahead of them.

It is nearly the end to the school year and I want everyone to know that being in the Burnet News club has been such a miraculous moment. I also want everyone to know that you should the the economist educational foundation fro coming up with the marvellous club. Hopefully, I make the most of the burnet news club this year and come again next year. BNC Live was so much fun. Meeting Olivia and meeting Mina was an aew-inspiring moment. I take this moment for everyoe to understand ho I thank everyone, from teachers, to parents and finally to the amazing team of the Burnet News Club!

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