In Industry emissions, I see to many uneeded and non biodegradable materials used in products. This is important to me because we have to fill up bins of plastic after one use instead of keeping. We would have to sacrifice cheap produsts that work the same, which would be difficult because it is hard to find eco friendly brands and medium priced porducts. I would want a government action to stop extra usage of plastic and other non biodegradable materials. I will take action by using eco products and using less plastic in the house. I want a governmental action because it will get across buisnesses quicker. in some northen regions, countries have stopped using the boxes toothpast tubes come in. This was a great way to get rid of tons of uneeded cardboard. We may face the challenge of getting companies to extend their budgets for friendlier materials and can overcome this by showing the impact it makes. If everyone did this, we could stop imense amounts of plastic in our daily lifes and from polluting the oceans. I know it will be succcessful when providers completely switch to eco.

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