Transport - a way we can reduce climate change


Climate Change. Its all we here about. Whether its on the streets, news, or at school. Its a big problem. So heres a way we (as children) can reduce it.


Approximatly, 38.4 million cars are on the roads per year in the uk and 23600 planes in service. This can be a problem, since 1 car is equivelent to 4.6 metric tonnes. Multiply that by 38.4 million - get ready - is 176640000 metric tonnes of co2 (carbon dioxide) going into our air per year.


40 Cars give out 184 metric tonnes of co2 per year. 1 bus gives out 0.000822 tonnes of co2 per year. According to research, one bus can take 40 cars of the road, which is amazing in reducing co2. Diesel cars produce 10 times more than trucks and buses, if we switch to eletctric cars, we could save our carbon footprint once again. This is very good for helping the earth, as it is air pollution that causes most of climate change.

This shows factories polluting air. Image from burnet news.


As said before, buses can take 40 buses off the road. If most people switch to buses and public transport, we can save over 183 tonnes of co2 every 1 bus! Many people dont like buses, and how much they cost, but an average spending on fuel is over £2000, whilst a bus pass can be a profit.

Can We Trust This?

If buses are in use more often, it will lower the amount of co2, but also will cause alot of buses on the roads. If we dont use transport at all, it will reduce the most amount of co2 going into the air, we can ride a bike, walk, or take jogs around the neighbour hood. The whole point iof this message is, we need to lower the amount of transport we take to help our earth out more.

I hope people take this in because our eath is dying, and this is a small but great way we can help it.

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