Climate change is a phrase that has been talked alot about in the news lately.It has confused many people and has made people to wonder about many things.Climate change has made a very big imact on people and other things like animals and plants.If we dont find a way to stop it or even try to stop it the world would be completely ruined.


Most modern vehicles run on fossil fules,which realese both carbon dioxide and a number of other greenhouse gases.Therefore,limiting vehicle use and making the vehicles we do use more efficient is a vital step towards reducing global emissions and migitating the effects on global warming and climate change.This is absouloutely vital if humanity is to exist as we know it in the future.Over half of the worlds transport emmisions come from personal vehicles.If we can reduce this by even a small amount,then the world will be better off.Increasing the usage of public transport,while contiuing to improve its efficency is one of the best ways to reduce transport emissions.

How to help

Well we could start by reducing the amount of everday cars we use,we could take a walk or ride a bike.We could alson start increasing the amount of public transport we use because a train or a bus can carry alot more people that a car.A full bus can take 40 cars of the road and if we use public transport alot more it will decrese the amout of greenhouse gases there is.If we by eletric cars the UK goverment will pay up to £3500 towards a no emission car so if we by one the goverment will help alot to.

So why dont we save our world because we were given a gift and we cant just let it go to waste we need to look after it and take care of it.So lets try and stop climate change and save our world.

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