We MUST stop the Industry Emissions. This is a problem because out of all the emissions it makes the most at 76% (correct me if im wrong.) this is important to me because it makes greenhouse gasses and makes climite change happen. I would have to make a sacrifice with buying new outfits and shoes, stop eating meat and much more. some people may find this hard but if we all work together we can make Industry Emissions stop. I would start with Individual action so I can make my half of helping move on so I am more confudent with it, then I will influence my friends and family and make then help out. So when there ready they can tell there friends and so on, so on. this might have happend in the past but I dont know. If it has then we can do it agean. I may have barriers on my way. It may be the police or the goverment or even trump. But if they ask me whats going on i'l tell them the issue and ask them to try and help. If everyone did this then we will have very less Climate Change to the world. If my actions have been successful, I will know it from the news or if someone tells me. I hope now that you read this you too will do a change to our world.

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