We need to act fast!


I'm focusing on transport because it can cause a lot of pollusion for example cars and airoplanes are used many times a day all around the world. I want this to be a Goverment Movement because a lot of people are making a change and are realising how much we messed up our planet but the Goverment aren't talking or doing anything about it. Reducing transportation-related GHG emissions, and understanding the impacts of climate change on transportation systems, are concerns of many decision makers for example:How much do various modes of transportation contribute to climate change?

What technologies and strategies can be used to reduce GHG emissions by the largest transportation contributors?

How will transportation systems in my area be affected by climate change?

What steps can be taken to make transportation systems less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and how can I apply them in current systems and incorporate them in the design and development of new infrastructure and policy?

I really hope the Goverment can make a change on this and probably everyone does because if we don't, the end of the world will happen.

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