We should try on reducing Transport emissions the most.


I think we should reduce carbon emissions from Transport. I will focus on making people take public transport making sure that people use their cars as frequently as possible. Make sure we dont use planes less often or travel by train to a different country if possible. The reason why i want to reduce this paticular caategory of carbon emmisions because it contributes to 47% of all the carbon emissions in the world.Planes are one of the worst producers of emmisions and if we dont take actions the carbon dioxide will reach an all time high. I would have to sacrifise going on holidays to countries far away because they are the worst producers. I think buisness people would find this difficult travelling really slowly on a train. I want to take govnerment action and individual action they are both important everyone should make a difference and even more people doing it is even better.

Eletric cars are really good for the enviroment no carbon dioxide is released. We should make all public transport green and the buses should be hybrids like some cars. Hybrids are also good for the enviroment but not as good as eletric cars. Im going to start using public transport as much as possible and take a plane mabye at the most twice a year and not to far outside the country. I might face unhappy people no being able to make it to confrences on time and not being able to go to foreign countries.I will know this will be succesful when the transport emissions will be reduced to at least 20% but i would like to to be reduced to 5%.

The BNC has been a pleasure to be with i have enjoyed every moment and will have even more next time.

good_hegehog :) :) :)

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    10 Jul 2019

    An ace campaign good_hedgehog! I like that you've considered how this will affect both business and leisure.

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