What are we actually facing?


Overall, people have been talking about climate change and what it is and why it is happpening ,well have you ever considered the deeper meaning of what we are facing. Climate change by itself is a big issue but if you take something like the clouds surrounding the atmosphere and how sun light is not able to escape this actually means that our planet is in more of a risk of disappearing from our solar system forever.

For us humans, if sunlight is getting trapped in the earth atmsophere it means we won't be breathing cleaner air and this could affect our lungs and cause serious problems.Right now only a few people are doing something now to chnage people's mind set over global warning but it is not enough.

The more we can do now the more it benifits our future for many generations . In people's eyes some wouldn't listen to somebody they don't know and who doesn't have much power,this is where the Government steps in. If the Government decide to do something big that is not dramatic but sends out a message to world leaders and their country then more people will see how much the world is in need of our help.Also to end this of ,to be apart of saving the world would make you feel happy and you will keep that in memory that you did a little part to save the world :) .

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