What can country leaders do about climate change?


Everyone is campaigning for climate change to be stopped but what can be done to stop this? in this text i will be discussing some main ideas for helping to stop climate change.

First of all, I believe that one of the main ways to help save the planet wolud be to make all cars electric or powered by a different sort of energy. This can cause other problems such as crossing roads would be much more dangerous. This is because some people rely mostly on their sense of hearing when crossing the road.Therefore, if electric cars were used then it could risk the safety of others.On the contrary, it would lessen the amount of pollution being released into the air.

Secondly, if everyone cut down on the amount of meat being eaten then less methane would be put into the air by animals and ( because methane is a greenhouse gas) the planet would be helped. Sadly, this change would be extremely difficult as some people deeply enjoy the taste of meat.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my ideas and i will enjoy listening to yours

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