what if we stop climate change


If we stop factories and transport the world would not have the essential things we need.For instenes shose,coats,tops and food.But if we limmet the factories then there would be less problems with willdlife and land.If climet change rises then the world would get hot but wores.But South pole and North pole will melt then the sea water rises causeing less homes for the wild life and food.This is also casing a problem for humans because water gets on the land and drowns the houses.

  • what woud youfell if your house had gone?
  • what could you do o help stop climet change?

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  • Hillyfield School logo triumphant_performance | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    17 Nov 2019

    I would feel very very traumatised

  • charismatic_statement | Whyteleafe School C
    30 Nov 2020

    save the turtles

  • succinct_strategy | Whyteleafe School C
    30 Nov 2020

    ahh i found this very interesting c:

  • British Council.jpg splendid_fruit | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    27 Sep 2021

    My view: First, all developed and developed countries must unite.So that it is easier for us to share the responsibilities and requirements of climate change, second: reduce air pollution by reducing vehicle use, reduce travel because planes pollute the air, and don't spend a lot of money on fuel bills, third: use more renewable energy sources than non-renewable energy. Because renewable energy has more advantages than disadvantages, not using a lot of fossil fuels; Because it not only causes general pollution, but also causes serious physical illness to workers in this sector, and finally (we wasted a lot of time arguing about the existence of climate change, which led to increased floods, fires, etc.,)But this does not prevent us from doing our best to mitigate the adverse effects (climate effects) and this problem is not only for the state, but for the state and society as well.

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