What is actually happening?


What is climate change?

Climate Change is a change in the weather. It occurs when the changes in climate, which causes the Earths weather patterns to change. It is caused by burning fossil fuels (e.g Dinosaur bones) which pollutes the air and too much Carbon Dixiode is realesed.

How does it affect the country and the world?

It affects the county and the world because it includes loss of food and more natural disasters, which if that happens, it could wipe out a whole country. (Like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami). Also includes less water and more icecaps melting, which cauld cause a whole speices (like Polar Bears) could go extinct out in the wild because we are not doing anthing about Climate Change.

What can we do?

Top 3 things you can do

Become Vegetarian, or Vegan.

Eat Organic

Buy local when you can

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