What needs to be done.

In our last burnet news club meeting we were asked a question, "can one person make a different on climate change?"

On the one hand, i think everyone can do there own bit to prevent climate change. For example, turn of all the light when you go to bed or don't charge your phone over night. This is because electricity is produced mostly by burning fossil fuels and fossil fuels (coal, oil etc) give off emmision which goes into our earth's atmosphere. If one person turns of their lights it will help slow it down so you need to do your part.

On the other hand, you may think that one person can't contribute to preventing it. Only people with power can. For example, celebrities impact people alot as people can be inspired by them so if they start it will motivate other people to.

Causes of Climate Change

Orbital Changes. Milankovitch cycles over the past 1 000 000 years.

Volcanic Eruptions. Volcanic eruptions discharge carbon dioxide, but they may also emit aerosols,...

Variation in Solar Radiation. The total amount of solar radiation varies by very small amounts.

Movement of Crustal Plates. As tectonic plates move...

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    07 Jun 2019

    Hello, when answering a thinking question, please add to the post that's already up on the home page! That way, we can keep all the ideas about this in the same place. Thanks!

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