What should we do to take action in climate change!


The area I hope reduces emissions are in industries, why because i find that they use up a lot of materials like plastic, metal etc. But one other thing that they use a lot of are gases. There can be good gases such as oxegon so we can breath (stay alive) and Metered-dose which is used in asthma pumps but then there are dangerous, toxic gases aswell like pollution a very popular known gas and also greenhouses gases; all these things could be uses in industries.

Fixing this issue is important to me because i am in a newer generation so when i get older things could change like the population of animal species could go down by a lot or people might not be just as the same as now. To make this all happen I would have to sacrifice using less transport since they make up loads of POLLUTION which doesn't help the rate of peoples breathing. It could also help if I use less of plastic bottles and get a metal or re-usable plastic bottle to drink from.

Going back to when I said we should use less transport well I also think that is a big thing that involves climate change because often very many people use cars that use pollution whereas some people very rarely use electric running cars. I think everyone can help with this topic although it might take some time because it is hard to get people to listen to you and think about your idea of being great and worthy of doing. But I think that this should be a government action because lots of individuals have tried as hard as they can and nothing is going right it is now their (government) to help aswell we are here to make a chang a change in LIFE. And also they should help to as we can't tell factories/industries to cut down on the stuff they make whereas they can they can even tell them to close down to so not only us individuals should help but MP'S and the government can to. How i am going to cut less on plastic and less dangerous, TOXIC gases I should use less plastic bottles and maybe keep plastic bags other than throw them away or just use less plastic items and i could use my aunties cars less also i will tell them to use their cars less to. Why i think this type of action is because it doesn't just involve me but other people aswell to help younger children to grow up and be healthy. I know my decicion is good when everyone gets this going and improving in climate change.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed!

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