What will i do about Climate Change?


Industries are a big threat for the Earth as for only 100 companies make for 71% of the global emissions and it is affecting our future along with other animal species. So without a doubt, we need to do something now so i recommend to use anything that causes pollution less. But i would like the government to take action aswell since they are the ones with more power than us because they can change the rules, they can ban cars but not electric cars and they can shut down some industries but the only thing we can do is protest. So what i will do is influence my family to stop littering, drive cars less and eat meat less and they will tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends and so on; I know it has a probability of happening since the famous Greta Thunberg influenced her followers and family and now they're protesting after listening to her speech. Sadly if they do not listen i will still not give up hope and i will constantly keep reminding them over and over again until they listen. Sure it will be annoying but it means you're helping the Earth and everyone. I'll know i'd been successful if it is on the News and on Social Media.

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