who is accountable for climate change


We need to know who to put the blame on for the climate change issue, who can we point the finger at. I will explore this and find out who we should hold accountable for this global issue.

Wealthy countries. I am talking about the countries that have been through the Industrial revolution (like us). These countries have already contributed to this disaster with carbon dioxide emissions from factories, what’s worse is that they say that less advanced countries like Africa can’t do the Industrial revolution to advance their civilization because it won’t be good for the environment, when we have already had our Industrial revolution and taken our toll on our planet, it is just not reasonable. I know you are probably on the rich people side, but what if one of the countries currently in the industrial revolution were to find a solution for climate change, we will never find out if we don’t let them do it.

Power station owners. These people do not care about the environment, whatsoever, they just care about making money, by burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gases. This kills the environment because it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which trap solar rays, raising the earth’s climate.

So who else do you think is responsible for this issue, please tell me in the comments.

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