Climate changing can evolve into many natural disasters... but what are they?

Well, scientists believe that long-term effects on climate changing will include increasingly global surface temperatures which means that ice-crusted places such as: Antarctica and Arctic will unfortunately melt away.

If you think that this is bad then you haven’t heard this yet: DROUGHTS.

Yes, droughts. This is much more worse than losing your most beloved teddy bear, I’m talking about not having any source of water!

But who is to BLAME...

I don’t want shame anyone but it has to be COMPANIES, why?... well, because they are the ones that uses so much energy AKA: pollution.

In this picture you can see a mass of smoke gushing out of a tower, this one of the many examples of pollution. The disadvantages are that your lungs can get affected as well as heart.

On newsround there was a video about how students that travel by walking, it was saying that. Thanks .☺️

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