Why we should stop global warming, deforestation and habitat destruction.


What I think is that we should stop destroying forests, habitats and stop global warming.

Para1 Deforestation:

In my opinion, I think we should stop cutting down trees and creating forest fires. Some animals and plants are dependant upon the forest but we keep destroying the forests. We are burning the forests down , so that makes it harder for them to live.

Para2 Habitat Destruction:

Habitat destruction is when an animal or plant lives in a habitat and their home is destroyed. This is unfair that we are doing this to plants animals that will just make this species endangered eventually extinct. If you want a species to go from endangered to their normal numbers you put them in a habitat conservation and that will save them from becoming extinct.

Para3 Global Warming:

Global warming is something that will affect us and animals, but they mostly concern animals. Animals are in grave danger to global warming because they will have to adapt to their new climate and it will be very long and hard. Global warming comes with polluting the environment and more animals becoming endangered. Basically, when u drop pollution into the ocean the gasses will go up (somehow I don't know) and go to the atmosphere then create global warming. It will make animals endangered or extinct if keep happening because they will eat the plastic chemicals in there.

Thank you for reading.

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