Are you raising your voice?

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At first, let's see why raising your voice is Important: Tackling climate change is important & difficult which we all know. But what we don't know is to make people aware of climate change & the Environment is more difficult than tackling climate change. Now maybe you will think I am wrong. Yes, to some extent I might be wrong but if we see in a broader sense then we will realize how difficult it is to make unaware people aware of the environment & climate change. For example, when we tell anyone NOT to drop any plastics or packets in the water, they do the opposite.

Now the question comes, why? Because they are not aware of that why he/she should not drop the plastics or packets in the water. The thing which they know is if they drop those in the water then they will be free from that task. So, if we just tell anyone to do something without telling the cause then the result might not come well. We have to make the people aware at first by raising our voice & we have to make the people educated enough why & how we can save our environment.

Now let's see, how we can raise our voice: Raising voice doesn't only mean to publish or tell something to a big crowd. We can raise our voice for a single tree in front of a single person also. The thing which we need is we have to raise our voice, we have to make the people aware, we have to educate people by telling them the right thing to do. Then after just making a single person aware enough, we can do teamwork together. We can bring up a reason or result of climate change and then we can make a video or speech or writing, anything which can motivate other people to come up with their own ideas also. Thus when we will talk more about climate change, when we will talk more about the environment then those unaware people will understand the gravity of our voice.

So... What are you waiting for? Are you raising your voice?

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  • British Council.jpg efficient_fern | Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal
    09 Sep 2021

    Yes i am raising voice,

    As we know water is the most important resource for survival on a planet.It is the essence of life on our planet.Yet if you ever see a river or lake around your city it would be evident to you that we are facing a very serious problem of water pollution which also leads to climate change.Two third of earth is covered with water seventy six percent of our body is made up of water. So,it is important to raise voice against water pollution...
    As we know there are various source of water pollutin for examples domestic waste, industrial effluents, insecticides and pesticides,detergents and many others...

    And we should tell the peoples living around the world about it effects .some effects of water polluton are..

    1, Diseases:
    In humans drinking or consuming polluted water in any way has many disastrous effects on our health.It causes typhoid, cholera, hepatitis etc.

    2,Eradication of ecosystem:
    Ecosystem is extremely dynamic and responds to even small changes in the environment.Increasing water pollution can cause an entire ecosystem to collaps if left unchecked.

    3,Effects of food chain:
    Thurmoil in food chain happens when the aquatic animals (fish, prawns, seahorse) consume the toxic and pollutants in the water, and then human consume them....

    So it creates alot of problems , therefore it is important ti raise the voice..


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  • British Council.jpg spectacular_writer | Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal
    09 Sep 2021

    Yes, we are also raising our voice.
    It is necessary to keep the surrounding and environment clean.
    If we don't take care of environment it causes various problems to the animals,plants not only this it also harm to the earth 🌍 .

    Water is the essential liquid without water we cannot live on the earth. So, if it will be contamited our human being causes various problems.
    We shouldn't throw plastic in water.

    Environmental pollution means caused due to contamination of the physical an biological components of the atmosphere.

    Due to environmental pollution it causes problems like:
    perinatal disorders
    infant mortality
    respiratory disorder
    cardiovascular disorders
    Climate change
    Global warming

    Due to climate change it affects on weather and cause global warming.

    Climate change is caused by
    Increasingly intensive agriculture
    increased use of fossil fuels.

    So, we should aware people about it.
    It is the responsibility of us to prevent environmental pollution.


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  • British Council.jpg believable_attitude | Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal
    09 Sep 2021

    Yes, I am raising the voice about how can we conserve our environment,
    we all know that our earth is made up of 3 things which is water, land , jungle but nowadays the global warming is increasing rapidly in the earth. from where we can facing a varieties of problems like water pollution , land pollution ion and facing a problem with the varieties of disease so, to be the healthy and to conserve the environment some information is listed below 1) we should have to clean the various rivers , lake , ponds etc from where we can get the water .
    2) we should have to grown the crops in the fertile land .
    3)we should have to conduct a various programs like afforestation the trees from where we can gat a fresh oxygen
    4) we should have to restore the old vehicles which produce the huge amount of smokes and we have to use the electrical vehicles .
    5) we should have to utilize the garbage properly by reducing , recycling and reusing .
    so, by the increment of global warming we are facing a varieties of problems in our daily life so if we follow the given solution it will be better for human beings and we will be healthy and we can conserve our environment easily from the different problems .

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  • British Council.jpg content_lute | Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College | Bangladesh
    10 Sep 2021

    Yes. I'm raising my voice against deforestation.
    Deforestation refers to cutting down trees. It may have many reasons. Mostly, to meet our own needs trees are cut down. They either use trees to make furnitures, to use as fuels or they cut down trees for space to build home etc. But they are unaware of It's bad effect. It causes environmental imbalance, increased carbon dioxide, etc. It is the main reason of climate change. So, I try my level best to encourage people to plant trees. If a person plants one tree once in a month, It'll bring a change. Being encouraged, another person might start doing it as well. Thus, tree plantation will increase. I, myself plant trees regularly. I tell my friends to do so. We encourage people in gardening too. If any of my relatives are cutting down trees, I try to stop them or suggest them alternative ideas. Trees play the most significant role in our environment. So, we must protect them to stop climate change.

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  • British Council.jpg candid_thought | Barishal Cadet College | Bangladesh
    13 Sep 2021

    Yes, I am raising my voice for conserving nature,

    We all know how awfully pollution affects our environment, as you said that when we say someone not to throw the packet on the roadside they do the opposite. I think in this case the mentality which goes on their mind is that how can only I stop the pollution, to stop the pollution combined effort for everyone is needed. And with this mindset, they don’t keep themselves up from throwing the trash here and there. We have to make them understand that an ocean was never created with a blink of an eye but there are billions of drops of water needed to form an ocean. One’s approach is necessary for tackling climate change. If one rise voice then another will. with thousands of single efforts from us we can keep our earth green.

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