Children are powerful

Children are the present and the future of the world. They are the ones who are going to make a real change and create a better world. I want to create children channel that focuses on climate change issues and children contribution to it. This channel concentrates on presenting climate change problems like two main problem each month. It shows children the problem and its causes. Then the program invites a group of children to discover the problem by themselves and make experiments to define it. Children can work in groups and make plans and diagrams trying to find different solutions to the problem. I mean children will go out to the nature outside and see the problems on ground, sea, oceans and different places in their countries. I want them to feel the problem not only hear about it or watch it on TV. This channel will help children be part of the solution and helps them to be decision- makers . Finally, the program will give children who presents good and applicable solutions whether now or in the future presents and publish their experiences on the most popular newspaper and magazines in the country. My channel can also invites schools and their students to take part too and to be guests in my programs. Some of the announcers will be very smart and distinctive children and also I will assign some children as TV reporters. I believe we children can do better than adults because we have more energy to work and build our future. We want to keep the environment clean. Yes, in my country, Palestine, there are lots of children channels but just for songs and cartoons and some are mere educational about Palestinian curriculum and school subjects but none for climate changes issues and none is lead by powerful kids like us.

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