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Hello everyone, I read a post of one of my colleagues here in this project, and he was talking about the role of professions in the confrontation, and one of these professions was the profession of the cleaner, and its publication opened my mind and I sat thinking about the large and wide field of work of the cleaner, but I saw that there was indeed a great shortcoming It is clear in the field of cleaners work in the last times, there are other duties on the cleaners that he needs to abide by and that if he does them correctly, we will get rid of a large part of the issue of climate change and we will benefit much more than it is now and in this post I want to alert you to some The chores that cleaners fail to do and are already making the issue of climate change worse

The most important of these factors is their main task, which is to collect and empty the trash. The cleaners take out this waste and empty it into the landfill, and this is considered a disaster because this landfill has serious damage:

1 The gases emitted from landfills mainly include methane and carbon dioxide, and these gases are considered greenhouse gases whose rise plays a role in global warming and raising the temperature of the planet in the long run.

2 This place where waste is dumped produces very unpleasant odors and spreads in the long run, so this landfill prevents us from exploiting all the areas near it or using it for anything, whether for building for the population or benefiting from it

3 According to the World Health Organization, these landfills can pollute drinking water if they are not built in appropriate ways, and therefore if drinking water is contaminated, it will infect humans with diseases and viruses

I will suggest some ways to dispose of the landfill:

Incineration: Waste is burned in special ovens at a temperature of 900 to 2000 degrees Celsius, with the need to continue burning without stopping. We benefit from this method in generating electricity and central heating by exploiting the thermal energy resulting from combustion in heating water pipes used in central heating networks, as well as In the production of water vapor that can be exploited to generate electricity, but this method is ineffective for some solid waste, but here we can use recycling such as paper and food waste through industrial processes to be reused as raw materials for the manufacture of new products.

The second point in the duties of the cleaners is their duty to help people give up plastic: The statistics on people's consumption of plastic are horrific, as people around the world buy one million plastic water bottles per minute and use up to five trillion single-use plastic bags every General, but the problem here is that these bags are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled, so they often end up polluting the ocean, and this is a truly catastrophic problem.

My opinion on this issue:

Indeed, the cleaners have a role in the issue of climate change, even with their shortcomings. Their work and their removal of waste and planting trees is beneficial to protect against pollution and increase the beauty of the environment. That we can open an institution around these problems among cleaners, and thus the number of workers will increase, unemployment will decrease, and we will get a great benefit to reduce the phenomenon of climate change

Finally, I want you to answer this question: what other jobs could be alerted about something to help defeat climate change?

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  • British Council.jpg pioneering_wilddog | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    06 Oct 2021

    A great idea.
    in fact, I would like to warn the owners of vehicles in general and people in society in particularin my opinion, that vehicles can be replaced with bicycles, for example, this will be effective in reducing carbon emissions .

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    1. British Council.jpg versatile_satsuma | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      pioneering_wilddog's comment 21 Oct 2021

      Yes, that's right, we can use bicycles in many areas and it has spread a lot recently in European countries due to Cold weather all year round and cycling has many benefits and the more cyclists the more fossil fuels will be emitted, but with all this, cycling has a benefit limited to moving small distances, but if We wanted to move to remote places, so we could not use bicycles, so the problem here lies in returning to cars that pollute the environment and add comprehensive and clear damage to it.

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    06 Oct 2021

    The profession of the farmer that climate change negatively affects the profession of farmers who seek to provide food for their families and earn some income. Because of climate change, crops are affected by short and irregular rainy seasons, and that climate change can lead to a further reduction in crop yields, and the profession of a pilot that climate change negatively affects the profession The pilot as many flights and travel are postponed

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    1. British Council.jpg versatile_satsuma | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      appreciative_pear's comment 21 Oct 2021

      Yes, it is true that the farmers in my country are considered victims of the consequences of climate change. I am from Palestine, specifically Gaza, and here in Gaza the majority depends on agriculture. The lands spread in many places, so we cultivate them and secure our livelihood We are also considered an exporter of citrus and olives, but this year everything turned for the worse, as the land did not produce what was necessary to provide a livelihood for the family and to download it to the city markets. And all this underlies the consequences of climate change that have devastated our soil, for example : High temperatures, low rainfall, weak economy in the country, the use of pesticides and chemicals on plants, and the excessive use of manure, which they believe benefits the soil, but actually affects it. The issue of change The climate affected everything in Palestine and all professions and on all sides, we must reduce it as soon as possible

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  • British Council.jpg healthy_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    08 Oct 2021

    In my opinion, we have to alert the politicians, as they are the ones who influence the public with their decisions, so we have to alert them, and this will be done by educating them and providing them with the news of climate change, each one separately , So that they can take decisions that affect the fate of the people and the state in a positive way in the face of climate change, and I also hope that politicians will stay away from working for their personal interests,and that they are really loyal in their work, of course I do not include all politicians, I mean some, and also politicians should pave the way for the people to bring out their mental and creative abilities, And educating the people in different ways, and not ignoring any opinion from any class or societal class, and also if politicians work seriously in our battle with the climate, a difference will happen and that difference will be with the people, Where his beliefs, values, principles will change, and this will return to facing climate change positively, as it will facilitate us to coexist with a green environment, and also the people will take the initiative of environmentally friendly actions,and the rich will make donations, that is, the politicians are a big part of the power. If they use their work correctly in the battle of the climate, we will be able to use the people correctly.

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  • British Council.jpg excited_piccolo | Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College | Bangladesh
    12 Oct 2021

    I appreciate your idea about alerting the cleaners because they play a huge role on environment and of course I agree with your opinion.
    But I have a different concert. In a middle developed country like mine, the profession of cleaners is not considered as respectful as it should be. People often look down on the cleaners and their income is also very low. This can be a huge reason the younger generation will be discouraged to come to this profession. And eventually those engaged in thos profession also will not be as much careful. So I think firstly we should try to solve this problems.

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