Climate Change: Reasons, Outcomes & How To Prevent It

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The word 'Climate Change' is currently turning into world's most serious issue. Indeed, unmistakably, the reason for climate change is a worldwide temperature alteration. Also, the reason for an unnatural weather change is the expansion of carbon dioxide and methane gas in the environment.

Then, at that point, how might we forestall a worldwide temperature alteration and climate changes? It's actual basic; to diminish the emanation of carbon dioxide and methane gas or try to remove from the atmosphere. Yet, methane gas can't be taken out as it is created from agricultural activities. As of now, the fundamental concern is to diminish carbon emissions. On the off chance that we utilize renewable energy(such as; sun oriented energy or solar energy and wind for producing electricity) and by lessening consuming of coal, petrol and natural gas, then, at that point, it will be a lot of conceivable to diminish the outflows of carbon dioxide. We can also plant more trees for the reduction of carbon dioxide as plants use carbon dioxide for synthesis of food. If we can do this simple works, the amount of the emanations of carbon dioxide can be diminished very easily.

One more principle justification for the environmental change is because of persistent deforestation. The amount of forest is as yet diminishing due to aimless chopping down of trees and obliteration of hills. For instance, The Rampal Power Plant is right now under construction at Bagerhat area in Khulna, Bangladesh. On 1 March 2011, certain individuals of The Bangladesh High Court asked the public authority, "Why the construction of the Rampal Power Station ought not be proclaimed illegal?" Environment experts have expressed their concerns that, Rampal Power Station may destroy the world's largest mangrove forest Sundarban, an UNESCO world heritage site. Around 2.5 million individuals depend on the Sundarban region as some of them are wood-cutters, some are fishermen and some are honey hunters. Then, now my question is, What is the future of the world's biggest mangrove forest Sundarban, an UNESCO world heritage site? We ought to secure this timberlands like Amazon, Sundarban, etc.

In my article, I have tried to express that, If we are not careful enough, then, it will be tough to save the world.

Much obliged for your important time. Offer your viewpoint by the Comments. Thanks with Regards.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    12 Oct 2021

    Your Final Piece does well to summarise what needs to happen to slow climate change and then you go into particular detail about a plant in your country. This is a great way to communicate with your audience and to help them relate to an issue that might be far away for them.

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  • British Council.jpg methodical_ant | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    13 Oct 2021

    A recent study shows that the amazon forest now releases more carbon di oxide than it absorbs. So technically it is not contributing much to fight global warming. What could be a possible cause for this? Is deforestation not to be blamed as much as we blame it for global warming hence climate change?

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  • British Council.jpg storytelling_harp | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    21 Oct 2021

    Well, I must say its an outstanding posts where you presented the problems and their solutions also. You mentioned deforestation as one of the causes and I must agree with that but what I think is why we are always depending excessively on the trees only?Planting trees removes CO2 form the atmosphere through photosynthesis.The trouble with trees like the the Indian Ocean tsunami, extreme temparature, thunderstorms, tornadoes, drought etc have a huge impact.The forests absorb about 1/3 of CO2 produced in the globe and helps in reducing the over rising of CO2 and the earth temparature.

    But if we think practically, then we'll find this process a bit longer. If I plant a seedling of a mango tree by today, It will take atleast 1year to grow to some extent for converting a considerable amount of CO2 from nature. Though nowadays there are many other ways by which plants can grow earlier but they are still not totally significant because we have already seen that it is high time we had to some measures to protect the globe.

    I am introducing here not totally a new process, but this hasn't become popular yet and my research will show you that how much outstanding the process is..
    They are also popular as the 'rainforests of the sea'. This process of absorbing CO2 by the corals is not as like as photosynthesis, its a complex process because they build a calcium carbonate skeletons by calcification and they release CO2.The Scientists are still trying to determine whether the CO2 absorbed in the process of photosynthesis is more or less than this calcification process.
    A research by University of Queensland, Australia is going on to measure the CO2 exchange by an instument on the top of the reef. We are assuming that this will be an outstanding and helpful process for us in this global challenge.
    New processes are being invented to artificially produce the corals and the experiments and research are still going on and we are hoping that we will find it as an alternate process for absorving the CO2 in a very near future...

    Why shouldn't we try some new ways, rather than always depending on the trees only??

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