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It is the twenty-sixth United Nations Climate Change Conference for 2021, which aims to reach a solution to the problem of climate change by discussing the countries of the world, taking actions, important points and goals based on nature. Which means using nature as a solution to this problem.

To reduce the phenomenon of climate change and find a solution to it, there are steps based on that, the most important of which is stopping carbon emissions, increasing the production of renewable energy, and helping poor countries by giving them huge amounts of money in return. helps.

Why should rich countries help poor countries on climate change?

Each country will be held accountable for its impact on climate change as they begin to rebuild greener.

There are countries that are able to take responsibility because they are rich countries and have the ability to deal with it. As for the poor countries, they do not have what is available to do this, so the rich countries must help them. And give them what they're lacking to complete the rebuilding process in a greener way, because if they don't, poor countries can't take all the responsibility, so they won't rebuild greener, and that won't stop the climate. Completely change, and will affect the climate of other countries, because carbon emissions will not stop all over the world.

How can we stop carbon emissions from densely populated countries?

China and India are the two countries with the highest carbon emissions, for two reasons, the first reason is industry and progress, as China is industrially advanced and we can see that in most of the products you use on a daily basis, and the second reason is the large size. Population that increases the need for this population to use renewable energies and frequent and large logging to expand buildings, homes and factories, so how can we stop this problem in these densely populated countries? I think the biggest focus will be on these countries first too, although they are developed countries, they need help from other countries to help them get rid of this problem more easily and try to control it as much as possible.

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the 2021 COP26 climate change conference?

I think Covid 19 will add new measures on climate change, especially after people have stopped moving planes and they have stopped a lot of measures that were increasing climate change but without a lot of people noticing, so I think they are taking new measures on air transportation.

Also, people no longer mix with the outside world and their exit has decreased, and private vehicles and cars that are not environmentally friendly are not used, so they resort to buying their things from electronic stores, so I think that it is a step that must be followed, which is to intensify electronic markets and encourage people to buy from them, and I think that These steps should be followed initially to reduce the movement of people and reduce their exit, to help leaders take the steps easier and faster.

You mentioned the important points in my opinion about climate change that should be discussed at COP26, so I would really like to hear more important points that will be discussed at COP26. I would very much like to hear your opinion?

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  • British Council.jpg efficient_fern | Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal
    10 Sep 2021

    Sir i have mentioned some effects and prevention of climate change below,i hope you will take my opinion on cop26..

    At first it's effects are given below::
    1. Global Warming

    The main effect of climate change is of course global warming. With an increasingly rapid growth of the planet's temperature due to human activities such as deforestation, intensive agriculture, mining or over-consumption.

    2.Air pollution

    The main greenhouse gas is not counted as an air pollutant because it does not appear to affect health. However, there are links between climate change and global warming, such as the atmospheric concentration of some pollutants in the air.

    3.Water Pollution

    Water pollution and climate change are closely linked, both in rivers, seas and oceans. This pollution manifests itself in particular through changes in the flows of the various rivers, the increase in temperature and the pollutants concentration in the water.

    4. Land Pollution

    The soil is equally hard hit by climate change. Human activity is significantly changing the climate and the nature of soils, which are both very fragile and most of the time over-exploited.

    And i have some prevention points below.
    1.Renewable energies

    Changing our main energy sources to clean and renewable energy. Solar, Wind, Geothermal and biomass could be the solution.
    2.Sustainable transportation

    Our transport methods must be aligned with environmental requirements and reduce their carbon footprint. It is essential to rethink our transport methods from the design stage towards eco-friendly transportation.

    3.Waste Management & recycling

    The simplest solution to reduce waste is to adapt our production methods to our consumption patterns. The recycling process must also be taken into account in our consumption habits.

    4.Sea and Ocean preservation

    Oceans and seas are the largest storage of greenhouse gases and are an exceptional support system for life on this planet. Limiting overfishing, unsustainable development activities in coastal areas and the consumption of environmentally friendly products is now essential.

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  • British Council.jpg majestic_moon | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    11 Sep 2021

    In the beginning 1/ Planting trees is not harmful to the environment, but rather helps to get rid of the climate crisis 2/ Greenhouse devices affect the environment, but one device does not have a significant impact, but several devices then pollute the air 3 / Heat has no effect on the pollution of the seas and oceans, but on humans They are the ones who pollute the water by throwing rubbish in it, and this is something we notice often. 4/ I agree with you on this point. 4/ A: It is true that renewable and clean energy can be relied upon, but it is not permanent, so we can rely on it, so people depend on non-renewable energy. B: Yes, we can invent the means of transportation with modern devices that are environmentally friendly. C: We can recycle plastic, paper, etc., in this way we reduce the pollution of the environment. D: Frequent fishing is the biggest problem on the seas and oceans because we hunt living creatures, which leads to their extinction.

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