Environmental problems and their impact on climate

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Today, in this post, I will discuss the environmental problems that we suffer as a society, and I, with my thinking, will invent inventions or think of solutions that will help us solve this problem, and I will try to think of inventions or solutions that can be applied where we can use them in our current face of climate change And now I'll start:

The first problem: the pollution of the seas and oceans, and this problem results in many negative effects, such as the loss of basic sources of water on the surface of the earth, the killing of fish that are an important source of food, and the change in the degree of oceans. Others, so I would suggest that nations put their control over every sea, ocean, or body of water, would be very strict control, and if anyone were seen to throw even a paper into a body of water, they would infringe a sum of money estimated at $1000. These violations will be collected to protect the water bodies, and the people who cannot pay the violation will plant and help the municipality to plant trees and take care of them for a whole month,

The second problem: air pollution, I suggest inventing a small device that everyone carries with him, this device does the work of a tree and absorbs carbon dioxide and brings out oxygen, and anyone can put this device in an open pocket. , or that public schools allocate one day during the week, students go out to the school garden or to the streets and plant or cut trees

The third problem: agricultural pollution as a result of the use of modern farming methods such as pesticides that harm plants because of their frequent use. I suggest the invention of electronic parts placed on the tree trunk, where if it senses sensory pests near the tree, it will automatically connect to the pipes and start spraying the natural pesticide extracted from natural materials instead of harmful pesticides, and I see that this is how we will be able to use environmentally friendly techniques , and we will protect trees and crops, which will raise agricultural production, which will return to the country by increasing the economy, and since natural pesticides are cheap, it will save money on the individual,

In that thinking about these basic problems will solve a large percentage of our climate-related problems, because if they are solved, they will affect man, his way of thinking and his life. Therefore, countries should gradually start adopting environmentally friendly means and solving environmental problems, as people will gradually be able to abandon environmentally harmful habits and deal with environmentally beneficial ones, and this is how we will progress step by step in building a greener and more vibrant environment. We will solve the problem of climate change and it will not affect our future generations significantly, and here I am and now my friend I want you to write how did your country overcome an environmental problem and how did it affect individuals?

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
    13 Oct 2021

    Some interesting ideas and inventions here, majestic_moon. Which perspectives would need to be involved in the innovation process of your suggestions to make sure that they worked for everyone?

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  • British Council.jpg pioneering_wilddog | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    15 Oct 2021

    There are lots of problems we should find it in any country , for example , the problem of hugs population increase , people are cutting down the trees to build buildings , so that's a big problem because the numbers of people in increase , quite naw , thay didn't find an answer but I suggested to build the buildings with a lots of floors , and this will be a good answer for this problem .

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  • British Council.jpg creative_squirrel | Rafah Prep (B) Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    20 Oct 2021

    I think that the effects of climate can already affect the global climate change significantly on the environment. ... Those effects of climate change that scientists have predicted in the past are happening now: sea ice loss, sea level rise at an accelerating rate, and heat waves longer and more intense than before.
    Effects on climate change:
    1: cement production
    2: solar radiation
    3: volcanic eruptions
    4: El Niño Southern Oscillation.
    Environmental problems are:
    1: cross-border pollution
    2: Destroy the ozone layer
    3: Deterioration of water quality.

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  • British Council.jpg amiable_mulberry | Rafah Prep (B) Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    20 Oct 2021

    I believeClimate change can have a lot of negative consequences, it's important to do something about it to help reduce the amount of change that is happening and not make it happen quickly, at some point the earth will be so hot that people can't live comfortably if they don't We've made some changes, it's already had an impact on plant and animal life, and if people really don't want to see it get any worse, it's time to go green.
    Effects of climate change
    1 forest fires
    2Change in precipitation patterns
    3 heat waves
    One of the environmental problems is
    1 deforestation
    2 global warming
    3 Deterioration of water quality

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  • British Council.jpg admirable_knowledge | Rafah Prep (B) Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    20 Oct 2021

    Well I totally agree with you and your ideas are really nice but, I will add some new ideas and contribute to the development of appropriate solutions to environmental problems...

    First: You spoke about the pollution of oceans and seas, and there are also polluted rivers. There are many reasons for polluting water sources, including the following: Ships and boats that travel in the seas, oceans and rivers also pollute the water. To solve this problem, I will invent new boats and ships that operate through the water on which they travel, meaning the boats will move by putting the same waters of the seas and oceans in them and they will run, and this will save money on people and also protect water sources from pollution.

    Second: You talked about air pollution. There are many causes for air pollution, including the following: spraying a lot of pesticides on agriculture and smoke from factories. To solve this problem, I will create anti-air pollution medicines that will be made from dry tree leaves with the addition of some materials to them, and thus we will spend on the problem of air pollution.

    Third: The problem of agricultural pollution. There are many reasons for agricultural pollution, including the following: The lack of water suitable for irrigation of crops due to the lack of control by countries of the sources of rivers, so watering plants with salt water will negatively affect them and therefore plants will die, and to solve this problem: Heads of state in the world must agree on good control. With the sources of rivers and the lack of control over them by a certain country, and therefore we will eliminate this problem.

    Thus, we will solve all the problems in our world, but with good thinking and the agreement of countries and their union together.

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