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Each of us expresses his opinion in a certain way, and I, as a person who has the gift of writing, want to express what humans have spoiled in the environment by writing a thought where I can express in comfort and harmony,and this thought may have an impact on the individual, and make him feel the guilt he committed towards the green life that the world was living before this technological industrial revolution.

They blur it as if it were a crystal of gold for its luster
They ignored it with their human greed, so it's days are gone
As for its colors, it became part of its darkness
A deep slumber brought about by technology... She captured her dreams
Air... They polluted it
Rif... they left it
Trees... they burned them
Trash... they threw it away
As for the ocean, their neglect filled it
And the sea, with their watery greed, evaporated it
The Tigris and the Euphrates, with their quarrel, dried it up
As for life inside the ocean, they thought that silence erases sins
But can fish forget the eyes?
It had sisters who were deceived by holes
And the rivers realize that humans are as hard as rocks
And the seas are already blinded by the beauty of the sunset
As for the green areas, like the desert, turn them around
And here we go with climate change in a long battle in the roof
And yet generations continued and they forgot it

I would like you to take advantage of your creative abilities to exploit your talent and how you will express what happened in the environment through it , Show us your creations that you will be able to leave in the comments!!!! For illustrators, can you explain how your paintings will help spread the news of climate change?

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  • British Council.jpg excited_piccolo | Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College | Bangladesh
    19 Oct 2021

    Wonderful idea for spreading awareness!

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  • British Council.jpg buzzing_wallaby | Futures Hurghada Language School | Egypt
    22 Oct 2021

    I love experiencing to spread awareness by drawing because I love drawing.

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    1. British Council.jpg healthy_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      buzzing_wallaby's comment 22 Oct 2021

      I once read, art embodies meanings, in your opinion, how can art embody the environmental situation in which we live?

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      1. British Council.jpg buzzing_wallaby | Futures Hurghada Language School | Egypt
        healthy_antelope's comment 22 Oct 2021

        For environmental situation I expressed it by a drawing for the green living in a World Environment Day 2021 competitions held by Eco Training Centre I express that the green living is the future that everyone and I put some people discussing each other for more perspectives and I see that is the perfect way to express the environmental situation.

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      2. British Council.jpg versatile_satsuma | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        healthy_antelope's comment 25 Oct 2021

        Art is a vast world through which we can see everything and through art we can create a special world for us away from the world. Of course, nothing is devoid of the positive aspects of art entering it. Also, art is types and we can embody all of them to be useful in the environment, such as:
        1_ Architecture: Architecture is an attempt to create and design an internal environment beside the general environment in which man lives, by building and constructing buildings, we can use the architecture in the right thinking to exploit the building in the right way, for example, vertical construction to allow the increase of agricultural land for cultivation to beautify and help the environment

        2 The art of music: we can embody it in the environment in a strong way that attracts people and makes them aware, we can make singers, whether foreign or Arab, we can make them perform songs that talk about the issue of the environment and climate change in their own attractive way, for example, as the biggest famous Korean band BTS, the majority of their songs are about love Life and optimism, and that it has already received a great influence and encouragement from their ARMY followers. If we make them sing about the issue of climate change and include it in an attractive way in their songs, their followers will pay attention to the matter and be attracted to the topic and do as singers do.

        3 The art of drawing: The art of drawing has a great role in helping the environment from the moral side of the people. Drawing is the expression of thoughts and feelings with lines and colors. The painter can draw landscapes or drawings that show and embody suffering with the issue of climate change and then display them in museums and markets.
        We can use the art of drawing to educate children about environmental issues, as we all know that many children like to go to recreational and educational institutions, so we can organize activities for them in these institutions through these drawings to increase their awareness and open their imagination and thinking on this subject.

        The Art of Poetry :
        Poetry is the expression of ideas through a set of expressive words, and many poets communicate their feelings through poetry, so they write different poems, and we can communicate the issue of climate change and the environment to people interested in literature through poetry

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