Green majors and their importance in preserving the environment!

What is meant by green majors?

Green majors are those fields of knowledge in universities and scientific institutes that are related to environmental sciences, and focus on studying critical environmental problems and trying to find effective solutions to them, such as:

Pollution problems.

_ Global Warming.

Depletion of natural resources.

_ Desertification.

Ocean problems.

Why should I consider studying a green major?

In order to preserve the environment, sustain the planet, and combat pollution, there are other reasons such as job diversity, skills and knowledge that attract the attention of employers, and multiple educational options to reach the job and profitable jobs.

What are the major green majors?

Today, universities, colleges, and educational institutions offer many majors that focus on the environment and sustainability, and you may be confused by the huge number of environmental majors that you can enroll in. In addition to popular environmental disciplines such as renewable energy engineering or agricultural sciences, there are many disciplines that, if not seem at first glance to be green, in fact contribute significantly to preserving the environment and sustainability.

1_ Environmental health sciences: It is one of the public health disciplines that focuses primarily on studying how the environment affects human health and the diseases that may affect it.

2_ Environmental Law: The Environmental Law major is concerned with studying international and local laws and rules aimed at protecting the environment from misuse.

3_ Fashion design: Yes...even fashion design can be among the green disciplines. It is not only about designing innovative cool clothes, the concept of this specialty has recently expanded to include the environmental aspect as well. There are many design schools today that offer courses and study materials specializing in sustainable clothing design, the use of eco-friendly fabrics, and other environmental aspects.

In my opinion, all these green majors are very important for preserving the environment. Do you have another major that can contribute to preserving the environment??? Share the answer with us in the comments.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    11 Oct 2021

    This is a good chance to combine knowledge from the "Green Skills" Headline and also our discussions about COP26. Can you tell us what people with green majors could contribute to the negotiations at COP26?

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    1. British Council.jpg alert_idea | Rafah Prep (B) Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 17 Oct 2021

      I think that people with green specializations can provide creative and innovative solutions to fear the climate crisis.
      I also think that they have seen the latest research related to climate change, so they can present these results and recommendations at the conference to benefit from them.

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    2. British Council.jpg storytelling_harp | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 19 Oct 2021

      As we see that COP26 is the first scope for the countries all over the world to come together to take some decisions, to make some commitment, some plans to lower their greenhouse-gas emissions in their countries. Not only the world leaders, but also the representatives of different international organizations may join the conference.
      According to the report showing in The 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if necessary actions are being taken, then there is still a hope to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.
      Now the question is what people engaged with green majors could contribute to the negotiations at COP26?
      Well, its becoming more and more important to go after a green & eco friendly carreer.Why?
      We can be the frontline warriors in protecting our planet by taking an environmentally focused degree in many ways. As alert_idea mentioned, we see that we can contribute from studying weather patterns to working at the ground level also. Climatologists research on how the climate change affects the earth habitants, concerning with the long time weather patterns, etc.
      Environmental Engineering Technicians analyze the ground and air samples around the world
      If someone becomes conservation Scientist and Foresters, then he can hold management or administrative roles in the forest areas.
      Soil and Plant Scientists examine the management of physical and chemical composition of soils and the plant growth.Also they can work against the deforestation.
      A Nature Conservation Officer's job is also very much lucrative and helpful for working against the climate change.They can directly work for the government or any organization for protecting the flora and fauna.
      Becoming a Master of Public Health, a person can join our this fight against the increasing temperature and global warming.A learner can study on global health, epidermiology or health policy.

      There are a lot more oppurtunities for us to contribute here...
      As we told before,people from different international organizations can join the conference, people from these occupations may join this global conference and from their knoledge and experience, they can create new ideas, new solutions and can have a huge impact on taking the final decisions.

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