How do I get my post published?

Projects - like our current one on COP26 - give you the chance to write posts. These are discussion-starters and appear on the Project for others to comment on.

You can find the "Write new post" button when you click on "My work".

However, we only publish posts that meet certain criteria (standards). So what do you need to do to get your post published?

Posts must...

  • Be written about a Project - so about COP26 and ensuring all perspectives are heard. We will not accept general posts asking what we should do about climate change.
  • Pose a question for people to answer - one that hasn’t been discussed before
  • Have lots of detail and explanation (including your own opinion if you can!)

Posts must not:

  • Use images from the internet. Only use images in the image library or upload images that you have drawn yourself. Other images will be deleted as we do not have the copyright to use other people’s work
  • Be just one sentence long. Posts should be longer and more developed. Make them at least paragraph of ideas, or some research (in your own words) with a question. If you have one sentence to add, write it as a comment on a different post.
  • Repeat something that has already been asked on the Student Hub. Instead, comment on the post that already exists!

Happy posting!

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