I'm a proud brown female


Greetings everyone.

From my upbringings and surroundings and from what I’ve experienced , we live in a society where men always play the dominant role, where women are silenced even before they have expressed their opinion. But I was never like this, I always have learned my way to be expressed in my society .I was brought up with my 4 sisters(having one twin) and ‘no brother’. I lost my father in 2004,when I wasn't even 1. My sisters and I had to become the ‘MEN’ of our family. Reading in cadet college, I’ve learned the values and ethos to be a leader, to be the leading voice of the future, not to be silenced. But how many ‘brown female voices’ are there ?

I questioned Shaama sandooyea (world’s first underwater climate strike activist) about her struggle, what problems did she face being a female and from a different race.


“There are many men (mostly men) within the climate-related and ocean-related discussions in Mauritius (and I think it is the same almost everywhere in the Global South), so it's harder to be heard because they are "the experts". I was sometimes harassed by the local authorities because I am a young woman, they would try to intimidate me but thankfully I know my rights as a citizen. The subtle barriers are also about the privileges I do not have as a brown female (heritage, class, nationality), but it is okay - I consider myself still more privileged than many people.”

Being a part of such a honourable and respectful initiative, she had faced these barriers. I wonder how many women are there who were buried under the barriers and the discrimination of the society?

Leah Namugerwa is another passionate young women of colour, taking the lead all across the world. She is one of the several Friday for Future activists to be awarded by us for their human rights work. She said:

“There are many environmental issues happening in my country, but I barely see them in media or reported by anyone”

Our honourable prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina is a female herself, but its saddening that:

“Female labor force participation rate was reported at 30.63 % in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.”

Where the leader of the country is female, there are around 70% female who are unemployed in Bangladesh.

I belong to a society where women are said to be irresponsible to be working outside and not taking care of the kids, I’m not surprised to see this rate. But the question is how long? How long will girls be taught that they are born only to be the wife of their husband and the mother of their children? I hope it’s time to change that, because I certainly cannot be a part of it. From COP26 I’ve learned the importance of group work, the importance of awareness and dived deep into the problems of the world.

Everyone is talking about inclusivity, providing the equal resources to the people, but no one is talking about the root problems for inclusivity -Inequality and racism. Our sole identity is that we are human. Gender is not our first identity.

Let me share an example. Suppose, a group of people is playing on the ground and they injured while playing.4 of them were injured severely and 3 of them were injured less severely , whom should you give first aid first? In the same way, in a moment of crisis, you do not think about if it’s the problem of a male or female, but when it’s a global problem and women are the worse sufferers of the situation, why are their voices unheard? UN figures indicate that 80% of people displaced by climate change are women. Why are their problems not taken into account?


“Gender inequality means that women are more vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change. This is due to gender roles, particularly in the developing world, which means that women are often dependent on the natural environment for subsistence and income.”

In an article published in Euro news , its written:

“Over 400 female climate leaders have signed an open letter to the British Government calling for greater accountability and transparency on gender equality at COP26.Currently, less than 25 per cent of the influential positions in the COP26 leadership team are held by women. The campaign's organisers are asking for women’s equal participation.”

Now coming to the point where brown females are overlooked. Because I have also seen people suffering from inferiority complex only for their race and gender. When women are not heard and do not get equal rights, in that scenario, many brown females are unaware of their rights.

We need to address these problems before it’s too late. Because, women need to understand the importance of their own rights, they need to be the warrior of their own battles. It’s high time women became a voice not an echo.

Just like the greatest scientist of all time has said: “BE A VOICE , NOT AN ECHO”

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    25 Oct 2021

    Thank you, trustworthy_orangutan, for such a powerfully-written, informative and personal discussion starter. You have done a lot of research, both on the Student Hub and beyond, and combined it with your own experiences to raise important questions about injustice, representation and perspectives on climate change. Can you give us any examples of actions people can take to address the problems you have raised?

  • British Council.jpg insightful_starfish | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    25 Oct 2021

    Well, this reminds me of one of the films I was affected by, Hidden Figures. I still don't understand how we got to this stage. I thought for a long time that the suffering stopped with my grandparents' generation and all the tragedies they endured. Unfortunately, it became clear that today, in the twenty-first century, the situation is still the same. The old view derived from that ugly heritage that is full of systematic racism towards black people and black women in particular, has not changed. There are still some societies in which the ethnic issue plays an important role, The color of an individual's skin determines his future, and perhaps his identity. And the issue goes, sometimes, to what goes beyond the color of the skin, as it extends to the degree of that color. From Brazil to India, for example, there is a bias for people with dark skin, compared to people with dark skin, and this is compared to black skin. These are the differences that sometimes intersect with the class, social and cultural aspect. Whereas, if things reached a level of discrimination within the black community itself, what was called the expression “not black enough”, other than that recognized discrimination resulting from the complete difference in color. This leads me to several questions: Have you ever felt that you are a stranger in your society? Is it true or a joke? How can you feel alienated within your community, your culture and your people?
    I think that those who say such things are not just words, but are values ​​that are rooted thanks to a racist and hierarchical system that grants them privileges based on their class and social position, and marginalization and exclusion for the same racist reasons.
    This is just a small part of a great mountain of suffering and racism - we must fight for the right and dignity of black women, we are sisters, regardless of our colors and forms and where we come from. This is to ally with black women, hear them and give them space for their issues in the liberation struggle against patriarchy and exclusion.

    For all women who suffer from the intersection of masculinity and racism, in order to have their voices heard and their sufferings heard and to defend their right to dignity and freedom without any discrimination or racism.

  • British Council.jpg victorious_contribution | Rangpur Cadet College | Bangladesh
    26 Oct 2021

    It was nice to hear your words. A beautifully carved writing with a combination if your research, experience and own philosophy. I hope in the future world gender would be an identity, not a criteria of judgement or being looked down upon.

    1. avatar.jpg EXPERT: Khush @ Allen & Overy
      victorious_contribution's comment 28 Oct 2021

      Hi victorious_contribution, what actions do you think people should take to achieve this goal?

  • British Council.jpg adept_fact | Rajshahi Cadet College | Bangladesh
    26 Oct 2021

    Wow! That was really well written and powerful. Those words will be engraved in every reader's heart. The voices have just started to rise. I hope I can see a beautiful country that has achieved Gender equality soon.

  • British Council.jpg openhearted_opportunity | Khan Younis Prep A Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    27 Oct 2021

    Wonderful! Your words really touched my mind and sentimental. I am sure that these words will remain engraved in the heart of every reader. I hope that we will find a beautiful, prosperous and hopeful country that achieves this justice and gender equality.

    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
      openhearted_opportunity's comment 28 Oct 2021

      What is it about this post that you find particularly impactful?

      1. British Council.jpg openhearted_opportunity | Khan Younis Prep A Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 28 Oct 2021

        Your words when you raised the level of women in your words, which gives them confidence in themselves and that you demonstrated their role in society and also the fact that they are deprived of the right to express so your words really affect your listener, so why not listen from them any of the rights that is because of discrimination and injustice

  • British Council.jpg knowledgeable_dragonfruit | Asmaa Prep School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    28 Oct 2021

    True words rich in information common in the world I hope this ugly phenomenon ends and I thank you for your beautiful words

  • British Council.jpg intelligent_groundhog | Aksharaa School A | Nepal
    29 Oct 2021

    Coming from the brown society, yes the gender discrimination is pretty great but this article also proves that the society is somewhat trying to change and I think with more progress us brown women can make changes in our society to make a better place for future generation.

  • British Council.jpg mindful_football | Rafah Prep Girls B | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 Oct 2021

    Yes, I agree with you that in some countries man has priority in expressing his opinion before the woman, and the woman should not do that
    We, as Arab countries, have the same culture. We face the same problem, and I bet that most countries in the world suffer from the same problem, and why?
    The reason is the obliteration of women’s freedom, and that there are things that are limited to women and cannot do others, and among those things (education - cooking), women should not interfere in anything else, and this is considered compulsion. Red in front of women's rights because as the saying goes (behind every man is a great woman)
    A woman sacrifices and sacrifices and does not take her full rights while a man does what he does and takes his full right This is injustice
    And I encourage the woman who walks on the just law and goes out of the unjust law like (Shama Sanduy), who overlooked everyone and dug her own way, even though she is really a woman. Yes, the woman raises her hats.

  • British Council.jpg reserved_atmosphere | Asmaa Prep School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    03 Nov 2021

    Yes, I agree with you and all females should express their opinion and not be afraid, and the brown female is one of the most beautiful females in the world, and everyone should be proud of that.

  • British Council.jpg versatile_music | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 Nov 2021

    oh yes , this is right every woman in the world sould has her own and opinion and she should be proud of her self

  • British Council.jpg confident_imagination | Marka Prep. Girls School 2 | Jordan
    28 Feb 2022

    Your words are very beautiful. I loved every letter of your post. You made me feel touched and proud that I am a female. Thank you. You raised my spirits.

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