Is there a relationship between journalism and climate change??

is Is there a relationship between journalism and climate change??
Journalism is the profession that gathers and analyzes news and opinions, checks their credibility, and presents them to the public. These news are often related to developments in the political, local, cultural, sports, social and other arenas.
The problems faced by the press are the element of time; News, which is the basic press industry, is a fast-moving commodity. What the journalist seeks and obtains, information, and facts constitute an important journalistic scoop today, and have no value tomorrow, as there is new, and then the journalist works and the sword of time is deadline, or the element of time, projected. on it continuously
If journalism, as some describe it, is the task of searching for trouble, or it is the profession of searching for the truth, then the search for truth, through news and topics, makes the journalist live in a continuous state of anticipation, waiting, anticipation, despair, frustration, and victory. And refraction, causing fatigue and exhaustion, which leads primarily to heart disease and other diseases among journalists
My opinion of the press is that the press is important to people and it works to help people realize rights.
The role of the press in society
The press is the most basic manifestation of the practice of democracy, and its presence represents a cornerstone of democratic life. The press has an effective and very important role in expressing the opinions of individuals and citizens, and in all issues that concern their lives. And in presenting proposals and solutions for everything related to the affairs of their society to the authority and to the masses as well The press has played an important national role in many countries of the world in combating colonialism, standing up to tyranny and tyranny, and exposing projects and schemes hostile to their nation's ambition and nationalism.
Paragraph on climate changes Climate change occurs when changes in the Earth’s climate system lead to the emergence of new climate patterns that remain in place for a long period of time, and this time period may be short, reaching only several decades, or it may reach millions of years. Scientists have identified many episodes of climate change Throughout the geological history of the globe, and more recently, since the Industrial Revolution, the climate is increasingly affected by human activities that lead to global warming and so it is common to use the two terms synonymously in this context.

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  • British Council.jpg ineffable_reality | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    12 Oct 2021

    Yes, definitely, media coverage of climate change has reverberation on public opinion on climate change, as it arbitrates the scientific consensus on climate change that the global temperature has increased in recent decades and that the inclination is caused by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases and so on.

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  • British Council.jpg methodical_ant | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    13 Oct 2021

    How can the media in countries devoid of much press freedom inform the people about climate change and it's impacts? Especially if the steps needed to solve the problem require actions that go against the government's plans?

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    1. British Council.jpg creative_squirrel | Rafah Prep (B) Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      methodical_ant's comment 17 Oct 2021

      I think that there are other means than the press by which people can be informed about climate change and its effects on the environment. The press is not the only tool for conveying news, but it is one among many. As you said that there are restrictions in some countries on the press, there are alternatives. The dangers of climate change and a school radio can be made on climate change. The spread of many means of communication such as Facebook, Twitter and other means has contributed greatly to spreading awareness on the subject of climate change.

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  • British Council.jpg splendid_fruit | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    21 Oct 2021

    (Is there a relationship between the press and climate change) If I formulate the question well, for example (Does the press help in climate change), the answer is yes and the evidence is that I was not aware of this problem, but one day I sat watching on TV, and a journalist talking about a change problem caught my attention The climate kept this curiosity in me until I began to explore and researchAbout this problem, I mean, had it not been for the journalist, I would not have known about the problem.

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