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Hello dear reader, today I will talk about how your interests can play a role for you in climate change , because everyone has their own interests, and we should really take advantage of them, not waste them on the pretext that they are just for fun , and in this post I will discuss many interests and talk about how their owners can get creative in exploiting them for the sake of the climate

First: otakus (Japanese anime viewers), they are really creative people, they have knowledge of all kinds of characters, their principles and ideas, this will help us face the climate when we make climate-related decisions, When we want to know its effect on different individuals and groups, you will find the anime follower explaining it to you in detail because he has already seen many characters and understood them
Also, anime scenes will help you in producing solutions. For example, there is a famous anime character named Levi who is a cold person who does not like to show interest in anything, but this did not prevent him from defending his homeland, Rather, he continued to resist and think of solutions to save his people, and this is the case with the follower of the anime and the climate. Indeed, if he was made aware of this matter, he would give him great attention, whatever his personality,Because his mind will automatically start producing solutions, he saw problems in anime events, and used the character's method to solve the problem, and took into account many aspects, It is possible that the anime scenes will help convince organizations that technology is not a reliable solution, and this is if the matter is explained through the scenes of the anime Akodama Drive ,it talks about technological development, and you will see how it affected individuals in solving problems, as the government used technology and robots as controllers in the country,and this created chaos and a lot of events, and this is the case with climate change, if we use technology as a solution, it may produce a technological revolution that will rule the world ,corruption is floating around and our concern is fighting corruption created by technology instead of caring about the climate

Second: The K-poppers, (they are K-pop fans), first of all, they really have a great role in raising awareness,they have a very large number and also if we use their teams to spread awareness, they will spread the news faster, and this is how they will help us spread awareness, also do not forget their role as a production of creative ideas , they will exploit simple materials from nature to create an invention that we cannot describe how much it will help nature , For example, there are ARMYs who have taken the carton in which Pets' meal is served as materials that they use in their daily life, and the rest of the ARMYs liked her idea and did it, That is, they recycled so that they can benefit from these materials in their daily lives, so if we exploit their ideas to take advantage of pollutants and convert them to benefit humans, It will make a big difference in the history of recycling

Third: book readers, when we talk about the one who reads, I can say that we are talking about a person who knows how to deal with most daily problems, how about if we exploit his skill in solving problems, in order to solve the climate problem, yes, you will then see solutions that take into account nature and the environment,he will spread awareness, but not through articles that will not attract everyone, but rather he will attract everyone's minds by quoting,Because he knows that not everyone likes to read articles and books, since most of them are long and big, so he understands how to attract them, the same is true with people's coexistence with change after climate change measures. The reader will tell you about their reactions and give you a solution to all the problems of reactions , Because he has already read in books about national issues, so he will be able to understand the people, and this is a great win for us, as we will be able to take precautions for each problem so that the problem does not take more than its time

Fourth: video game players, if we talk about everyone's view of them and games, they will see that they are wasting their time and that this is the result of only obsession, But when we come to dig into them, you can see that games produce creative thinking,For example, there is a brother of my friend who is a video game player, but this does not mean that he will not read books and think, on the contrary, he is a small philosopher whose ideas include many aspects, and he's someone who is aware of climate change and he's always theorizing about it, that is, if we release video games about environment and climate,We will be able to gain their awareness that will result in creative ideas, and also they will exploit something that everyone thinks is bad and its effects are bad for the benefit of humanity, This will help organizations know how to take advantage of the bad aspects to turn them into beneficial aspects of the environment, and also they will deal with the production of theories accurately, they also play meticulously to win, so we should take advantage of their gaming inclinations instead of just thinking about their bad side, thinking about its good side will also help us to address the positive aspects of the huge environmental problems and how we can take advantage of them in order to facilitate the face of climate change

And now we come to the end, which sums up my point of view, "Exploit their interests, do not see them as a waste of time. If you delve into the matter, you will know how to use their interests, and this will help you to use your environment in a correct manner"
Note: I produced these ideas and I am completely confident of them because I am interested in all these matters and follow them, and according to what I see from these followers, they really do have a big role in facing the climate

And now is the time for the creative thinking that will result from you, “Who do you think the most likely person to have a broader view of and why?”

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    07 Oct 2021

    From my point of view, I think that book readers have a role in facing climate change because they can solve problems with their own and wonderful skills and because they have sufficient ability and experience to solve problems and also through short articles because some people get bored of reading long articles and thus the reader increases awareness among people of the problem of climate change

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    11 Oct 2021

    You've clearly put a lot of thought into the ways different people can make a difference. Could COP26 organisers appeal to these groups by getting creative with the way they connect with the wider world? If so, how?

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    1. British Council.jpg healthy_antelope | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 11 Oct 2021

      Of course climate change regulators can attract these groups

      First: Japanese anime viewers, by producing anime that talk about before and after the technological revolution,also putting together a paper that talks about the importance of the role of anime viewers in facing climate change, and that they have to share their ideas with us because it will make a difference, and these papers will be put in manga books, or in anime products, The organizers can also attract them by organizing a meeting between the anime fans, and carrying out various activities that explain their role and motivate them to share their theories with the world.

      The Kpoppers, we can simply gain their attention through their teams, that is, if the band talks to its fans about this, the audience will be encouraged, and will start spreading this news until it reaches most of the fans of Korean groups around the world,and the audience will start searching, discovering and participating, or it can be in the bands' concerts, that the band leader will speak and the rest of the members will start encouraging the audience,it could also be if the climate change organizers published about the Korean art audience and how wonderful their thinking is and that they are an important part of our fight

      Third: The readers are already people who are aware of what is happening in the external environment, but how will we make them share their theories with us, through book fairs, such as the Amman International Fair that took place a very short time ago,but we have to evaluate the like of it and benefit from it by winning the theories of these readers through the book owners talking about the importance of their reading of environmental books and presentin your ideas after reading them,or through libraries, and provide free books to readers, and they will be environmental books that vary in the styles in which they were written, in order to suit the taste of each reader

      Fourth: Updating the famous games such as: Free Fire, PUBG, Minecraft to a copy of the environment and how every move you make can spoil the environment and this will cause an uproar among the players, and they will start putting their ideas in the comments of the game, Also, when new PlayStation games come out, a video that is motivating and raising awareness for players to share their ideas, and when they open the PlayStation game, they will watch this video and it will stir their feelings and push them to spread their theories and their inventions

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  • British Council.jpg methodical_ant | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    13 Oct 2021

    Along them, religious leaders can also make the common people aware about climate change and ways to fight the same

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