Ordinary people are the most ones who...

Ordinary people are the most ones who feel the problems of the climate change everywhere. They want their voices to be heard and reached to the leaders. I think signing a global electronic petition through the internet is a good way to make them heard. A good idea is asking all singers to sing for making solving climate change problem in different aspects and topics and highlighting the danger of climate change problems in the same month. So, they will attract the attention of the media and reach to leaders. In addition to this, more people or wide range of people will be aware of the problems and will be aware of their rights of having clean and safe environment for them and their families. Also, there will be more pressure on leaders and politicians to take urgent decisions before they lose their chairs and peoples trust. It’s not easy mission but it may work. We should never surrender or give up. The media should also tell stories of some corruptions related to the climate change problems done by some leaders to say enough is enough and they must stop.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    11 Oct 2021

    Do you have a question you can add to the point you're making about the voices of ordinary people?

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