Solving the climate crisis


Climate is the crisis of this age, and the climate is changing more rapidly than we feared. However, we are not completely powerless in the face of this global threat. As Secretary-General António Guterres said in September, "The climate emergency is a race that we are currently losing - but we can win."
Therefore, we must beware of the climate crisis
No corner of our planet is immune from the devastating effects of climate change. Rising temperatures are fueling the direct cause of environmental degradation, natural disasters, extreme weather, food and water insecurity, and economic disruption, including rising sea levels, and melting Arctic ice. There are ways to reduce the climate crisis: repair appliances, control the heater, reduce the use of plastic, use refillable containers, use washing filters, change the power grid, use eco-friendly toilet paper, eat more plants, use an electric car, less food demand Save water and so we must make decisions about the climate crisis, including: ending fossil fuel subsidies, building resilient cities with low carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy. One of the positive aspects of these decisions is that they solve the climate crisis. What do you think Do you agree with my opinion?

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