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In this post I will discuss things that countries and climate change organizations should think about!!! Because it will make a difference and make the confrontation faster, let's start:

First: Paying attention to the opinions of young people and children. Children will make a noticeable difference in their points of view. They do not have any points of view, but rather philosophical points of view , in every doubt they offer you will find new perspectives generated, and this will make climate change organizations think more about the steps they are taking, And also young people, you will find their ideas and opinions convincing, as you will discuss the impact of any step in terms of economic, social, cultural, and political, and this will make there be thinking about the different groups in society, which will result in progress in the economy that resulted due to the great interest in the opinions that discuss the matter from several aspects, including most of the societal groups ,this will result in progress in the community, as the community will begin to spread awareness and love of invention and discovery so that they will also be among the people who have produced solutions or inventions to play a role in climate change, and, of course, this scientific and economic societal progress will result in a prestigious position for the state, and this will make the people and their ideas increase more interest

Second: Not taking technology as a basic solution, as we know low-income countries will not be able to spend large sums of money to buy inventions such as a factory that stores carbon emissions, it is very expensive and only rich countries will be able to buy them, and even if large sums are donated to poor countries, they will not Buying it, these donations will be spent to provide the food needs and pensions of the citizens. If such an expensive invention is purchased, it will result in a decline in the economy that will lead to famines and famines that will result in civil wars and civil wars that will result in the state’s exposure to occupation and urban control, and this will make countries leave the issue Climate change and you are interested in political issues, that is, this will negatively affect the climate as well

Third: Summarize climate change news in short lines. If you want to gain people’s attention and gain them awareness of the outside world, do not write an article that contains the same words, but in different formats. Try to shorten the useful words in short lines so that the person does not ignore reading it on the pretext that he does not have time and that it is not one of his interests, and we also do not forget that we must deliver the news in different ways if we continue to write it only on newspapers and write articles. The matter is where they will present you with creative ideas, for example, a young girl who loves dolls can say, that we can spread news about a dream by displaying dolls, and indeed this is an excellent idea to win the minds of children and then produce creativity in invention, theories or solutions that Don't rely on technology

Fourth: Taking the people’s opinion before any step is taken, as people can be asked about the problems that they may face after implementing this step. Different age groups to find different points of view, each of them talking about a different idea, and this will result in thinking about topics that were not taken into account or addressing important points

Fifth: Not neglecting other global issues, not because we will face a serious global issue. We have to ignore the rest of the issues, as is happening now. Everyone is preoccupied with the Corona virus and the issue of climate change is ignored, which has caused environmental ignorance for a large proportion of the world, and this is one of the big problems that we will face when Confronting the climate, that is, we have to give every issue its due so that we are not punished as a result of our ignoring a punishment for which we pay a lot

Sixth: To listen to the poor peoples and their ideas, meaning that their opinion must be taken seriously and not be overlooked, and our voice must also be conveyed to them. Therefore, different media must be provided to keep them informed of climate news in the world. If we want to find a solution to our environmental problems, we must To listen to everyone’s opinion, so poor peoples should be aware of what we are facing so that they can bring out their creative abilities and prove the status of their scientific state, and thus they can raise the economy and get out of poverty, and this will help the state to pay money to take care of scientific clubs and environmental organizations Thus, a scientific revolution will occur in this country, and we will overcome the problems of climate change in a shorter time than expected

From my point of view, paying attention to all groups in society is the best option to facilitate facing the climate, as more than one point of view will be heard, and these ideas and opinions will make a difference because they will generate new theories and ideas, that is, as if our ideas are a torsional mountain range and we are the ones who will make them continue in Stretching, so you should think about it before thinking about taking any step

And here we are, we are done, I would like you to answer these questions and leave a convincing answer in the comments that can make a difference and make climate enthusiasts think about it.

_According to your view, what is the environmental problem that will make a big difference in your community if it is resolved?
In your opinion, awareness is produced faster when you live the experience, or when you see the experiences of others about it?
_ In your opinion, how can we increase the participation of young people and children of their ideas and theories with global climate organizations?

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