The climate crisis and the power of perspectives

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Disturbingly, Climate change, which is the process of the Earth increasing in temperature, has made the temperature increase in 1 degree. Shockingly, although this does not seem like a lot, it means that sea levels are rising and the ice-caps are rapidly melting. This Climate crisis is frighteningly ruining our world so this is bad! If we do not do something now, flash floods will carry on and seasons will come earlier than expected. I feel strongly determined to do something about this disaster as people are feeling un-safe and scared about it.

Unfortunately, this Climate emergency, which is bringing people and animals both to danger, will only carry on if we will not take serious action now. And in order to do that and make the right decision, I think that we will need to listen to other young or overlooked people. If perspectives are overlooked, we might miss out something extremely important that other more experienced people have to say that would help save our planet. An example of a time where perspectives were overlooked was when the miners took down the sacred place for the people. Annoyingly, they didn’t listen to what they had to say and just ruined their special place.

Upsettingly, it can be difficult to attend events such as COP26 fully inclusive. Sadly, this means that not every country will be included in this valid climate crisis that needs to be stopped now. One example of this is when some countries, which have been infected by Carona virus, can’t let their people out since they might bring Covid 19 to other places. But to cure that, I think that they can attend this valid meeting online so that they can still share their opinions at COP26.

COP26, which stands for conference of parties, happens annually each year. Interestingly, it began in 1994 and this is the 26th meeting. This year's meeting will take place in Glasgow and then world leaders will gather up trying to make ideas on how to stop this ghastly Climate change.

My opinion, which is being ignored, needs to be heard because I have a different point of view for this Climate crisis and it might pay off and actually help stop Climate change. If I study more and come up with a good idea, then people should listen to me and try to use my facts to beat this Climate emergency. Selfishly, COP26 insists that World leaders make the final decision but it is important that they listen to me and other younger people, older people, and people from poorer countries.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    26 Oct 2021

    A compelling argument! Well done. What three things can young people do to get their good ideas heard by a wider audience?

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg marvellous_hurricane | Boutcher C of E Primary School B | United Kingdom
    06 Dec 2021

    Well, although this question wasn't manly for me,it's our topic to try to be heard in many different ways,so...
    1. A thing that young people could do that can make their voice be heard by a bigger crowd might be to try their best to help Afghanistan,as although we might not be a better superpower like America,it is also our right and duty to be trying our best to be shown as a great country.
    2.The young people could also be uniting with many other citizens,so that they can show not only quickness is the way,but also perspectives can save the day.They can show that not only world leaders know how take care of the world,we caring citizens can as well try,and the young people have all the rights to lead.
    3.Finally,well,the young people could actually get advice,as since the world leaders just ignore our thoughts,(well I think that),young people might have kind hearts to listen and hear,so they can never leave anyone out,so they can get a wider audience.

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