The impact of climate on our lives in the future

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welcome all,

When we think about climate change, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us are the environmental consequences only, such as rising sea levels, rising temperatures, and melting glaciers, but what will happen in the future?! Are we going to stay like this, or will it get worse? What will happen in our daily life will it change?! That's why I decided to talk today about the impact of climate on our lives in the future

It is difficult to know how severe the effects of climate change are, so it is also difficult to know how much it will affect many businesses and fields, but there are changes that we can already see now, there are climate-related disasters such as droughts and hurricanes for example that greatly affect economic interests and the future of Insurance companies that pay millions for damages to people and their property.

At the same time, there is a high complex system of retail trade may also be affected, which means that there is disruption in one part of the world that could of course affect other places and this was shown recently after the earthquake in Japan in April 2016 which destroyed a number of factories belonging to The famous Toyota Motor Corporation, which prompted the company to suspend its production.

The health sector may also be greatly affected, in addition to affecting the quantities of clean water and foods, as the increase in temperature also increases the chances of some areas being exposed to diseases such as malaria and fever, and all of this is only what is happening now and no one knows where the path may lead us to the problem of climate change and damage And with my hopes that we will be able to limit and reduce the phenomenon of climate change as soon as possible because it has already begun to go beyond its borders, and if it continues in this state, our planet will be destroyed

Thank you for reading and I hope you have really benefited from what I have talked about.

See you soon .

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    10 Sep 2021

    Can you give us a question to talk about here, versatile_satsuma?

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    1. British Council.jpg efficient_fern | Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 10 Sep 2021

      Yes sir i have many questions related to climate change,,such as:

      ¤,Is climate change caused by humans? ...
      ¤,What are the main threats of climate change? ...
      ¤,How is climate change affecting animals? ...
      ¤,How is climate change affecting people? ...
      ¤,How is climate change affecting the ocean? ...
      ¤,How is climate change affecting farms and our food?

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      1. British Council.jpg versatile_satsuma | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        efficient_fern's comment 10 Sep 2021

        Hello, I think I know the answer to some of the questions you have written:
        1_ No one knows what is the main cause of climate change so far. Climate change is almost from the beginning of life on earth, and there are many factors that led to the emergence of this phenomenon and its damages that we are witnessing at the present time, and population growth is a strong factor in the increase in the damages of climate change. Climate change has increased Because human daily activities increase, it is possible that humans are actually the basis for climate change.
        We cannot say that there is a major impact of climate change, because there are many effects, and all of them cause great damage to the human being and his life, some of which threaten the economy and the source of food, some of which threaten his health, and some of them threaten to cause drought

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      2. British Council.jpg successful_petal | Futures Hurghada Language School | Egypt
        efficient_fern's comment 15 Sep 2021

        what are the main threats of climate change ?
        climate change has a lot of impacts and threats on the earth for example : fresh water will be short of supply in some places , diseases will spread due to high temperature , prices of basic food and consumers goods will rise or the lost of capacity to work due to the heat .

        How is climate change affecting animals ?
        Climate change not only affects animals but also the places that they live in . Animals face a lot of new challenges of survival like storms , heat waves , warming oceans , rising of sea water , melting of ice , floods , hurricanes and a lot more .

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      3. British Council.jpg sensitive_assumption | Futures Hurghada Language School | Egypt
        efficient_fern's comment 15 Sep 2021

        I would like to answer the third question because animals could actually die from the climate change for example a husky dog this type of dogs live in Siberia which is really cold this is the environment where they have to be living in but there are also another countries on earth which means another people that are living in a different environmental conditions like Egypt Egypt is really hot for a husky dog that he can die living in it and all of this because of the climate change so I really hope this Year at the cop26 they could find a solution

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    2. British Council.jpg versatile_satsuma | Beit Hanoun Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 10 Sep 2021

      Oh, of course, sir. The question I want you to think of as a solution is, in your opinion, what is the obligatory motive that can tip the scales and make the whole world revolt in one revolution to curb the phenomenon of climate change?!

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  • British Council.jpg believable_queen | Futures Hurghada Language School | Egypt
    15 Sep 2021

    Hello, climate change has brought about possibly irreversible alteration to Earth's geological, biological and ecological system. I think climate change is caused by people, because it didn't happen by it's self for sure! Climate change has caused: storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and warming oceans. It does actually harm animals and it is putting food production in risk, but people still have time to change everything into a good way, like: Speak up!, Reduce water waste., Buy better bulbs., Pull the plugs., Actually eat the food they buy., Reuse., Reduce., Recycle and take care of animals and plants! People have to start from their selves to return everything as while before!

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