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A climate crisis, which is the process of out beloved earth getting warmer, is causing sea levels to rise and ice caps to melt. Surpriseingly ,climate change was caused by mankind and made the earth increase in temrature by 1°c. if this seems small to you, let me tell you that it is causing flash floods to become more common. If we dont act now, we will all be history. I feel that everyone has played a part to cause this but if everyone does something to stop this we will all be a hero.

This is where COP26 comes in. COP26 is an annual meeting about climate crisis where you hear different perspectives. There was once a time when the people of Australia were overlooked when a coal mining company destroyed a sacred and holy area with an important holy rock. They got very unpopular. If perspectives are overlooked, lives will be destroyed. So YES!!! Perspectives are super important because the most suffering will be overlooked then pushed away and then soon they will be excuded as they are a poorer contary. Unfortunately this could cause the houses of already suffering people to be destroyed.

Events like cop 26 are hard to be inclusive, because some conuntrys are afraid that their leaders will catch covid and that they will no longer be a virus free country. Another reason is that the seats are being minamized for certain expected people.

The first cop meeting began in 1994 and now happens anually. The 26th meeting will take place in glasgow and the target will be to reduse climate change. We can improve cop26 by hearing worldwide perspectives. cop26 stands for conferance of partys.

It is important i share my opinion on this catastrophe because i may be young but i have a good and reasonable perspective and feel as afected as anyone. I want to play my part so my decendance don't grow up in a distopian setting where disausters happen every month.

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