What are rights groups saying about women's voices at COP26?

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"Stretch and challenge" tasks require you to read a newspaper article and give your opinions on it, backed up with reasons. These tasks are designed to be more challenging than other activities on the Student Hub.

"Cop26: Women must be heard on climate, say rights groups"

This is a headline from the UK newspaper The Guardian on September 25th. Read the article here.

Then, answer these questions below:

  • What is the Global Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice calling for?
  • Why are their requests so important?
  • Based on the article, do you think enough is being done to make COP26 inclusive of women's voices? What are the arguments that say yes, and what are the arguments that say no?

Extra challenge: What else would you need to find out to help you decide how inclusive COP26 was towards women? Can you do any research and report back with your findings?

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg clever_harp | Boutcher C of E Primary School B | United Kingdom
    27 Sep 2021

    The Woman's Assembly for Climate Justice is calling for action at the UN general assembly

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  • British Council.jpg free_river | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    28 Sep 2021

    The Woman's Assembly for Climate Justice is just calling for action at the UN general assembly.to me women are the one who are very closely to the nature .we can see that there are many women in the under-developed countries who observe the climate crisis very closely and understood it on the other hand to me they are the most influential to the family .If today we can value their perspective and implement the good ones tomorrow we might have the better future.
    from the article i can say that NO its not to make the CoP26 inclusive foe women and the reasons are:
    1. there are about 45% women in CoP26 summit but matter of sorrow that there are not that much female representative in the top position
    2. we know that already there is a shortage of rooms for the representatives if these things are to a women that can be embarrassing moment and due to covid 19 many a countries can not send their representatives or not willing to send them in this case we can see a situation that many a women representative who saw the climate crisis in their bare eyes and thought of a fruitful solution they can not share their ideas.
    3. the vaccination process is not still clear about the women representatives
    4. many a women activist or the climate worker can not share their thoughts as they will be join as an observer

    1. 50:50 split of men and women in the top negotiating team
    2.guaranteeing that activity to engage ladies and young ladies, counting assembly the require for deliberate, advanced family arranging, is given due weight and thought at COP26, and is included within the last bargain.
    3.fostering agreement at COP26 and beyond on financing policies which empower women and girls globally to respond to the climate crisis, including through choosing smaller families.
    4.working with your colleagues in the UK Government to reverse its damaging funding cut to Overseas Development Assistance for family planning.
    5.Gender-responsive implementation and means of implementation in all activities relating to mitigation-adaptation-finance-technology-development, that aims to ensure the respect, promotion and consideration of gender equality and empowerment of women in the implementation of the Convention and the Paris Agreement.
    6.Gender balance, participation, and women’s leadership via promotion of travel funds, and developing, promoting and conducting training on leadership, negotiation and chairing to achieve and sustain full, equal and meaningful participation and representation of women in the UNFCCC process.


    Over the years it has been clear that climate change is not merely an environmental issue that requires the attention of only scientists. There are much more far-reaching impacts dependent on one’s race-class-gender which is why finding solutions to this problem requires the attention of social scientists and policymakers too. To assume that floods, heat waves, availability of public water supply, rising food prices and new diseases will affect everyone equally is wrong. It will be the women, minorities and members of socio-economically disadvantaged groups that will evidently suffer more, not only because they do not have access to information and economic resources, proper education on adaptation and health facilities, but also because they lack a voice in influencing decision-making.It is true how women in developing countries are already experiencing the direct and indirect impacts of climate change via the increase in droughts, floods, poverty, food insecurity and health illnesses. Recent research by the UN Women and World Bank has even indicated that women are already more likely to live in poverty, which makes it harder for them to escape the impact and then recover from major climate disasters (CARE International UK, 2020). These impacts are surely more severe and pronounced in developing countries but it does not mean that developed countries are exempted from gendered impacts. For example, studies on the physical and psychological health effects of flooding in 30 locations in England and Wales have highlighted how women suffer more than men .

    However, equal representation is just the first step. Increasing the number of women via the add and stir approach is not enough. To argue that women are at least present at junior level sub-sections of negotiations is inadequate because clearly there is a difference between sending women as delegates rather than actually involving them in negotiations. Active participation is essential. Women’s participation in politics has the potential to result in greater responsiveness to citizen’s needs, which makes it an important mandate of the UNFCCC.
    Lasty;According to the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations, there is strong evidence that an all-male leadership could be less effective and less trusted than a more diverse representation. It is the host country’s responsibility to put forward a nationwide coordinated and cooperative effort which promotes an inclusive engagement strategy. Only when this is achieved can we hope for a climate action that will truly make a difference.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      free_river's comment 28 Sep 2021

      Well done for showing us where you got your information from. However, please also ensure you show which is your work, and where you have quoted from elsewhere, by using "speech marks".

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  • Ormiston-Bushfield-logo-250x250.jpg industrious_hen | Ormiston Bushfield Academy | United Kingdom
    28 Sep 2021

    The global women's assembly for climate is simply calling for all voices to be equally heard and valued-as they always should be. By the look of it,climate change is affecting women more than men , by creating “more gender based inequality” this is because of environmental issues pushing women out of their home and lives,leaving them more susceptible to abuse and mistreatment. therefore making women more prominent fighters for climate change.

    “Attempts to repair environmental degradation and adapt to climate breakdown, particularly in poorer countries, are failing, and resources are being wasted because they do not take gender inequality and the effects on women and girls into account.” This quotation really highlights the point that women are being unfairly treated. One of the reasons that women are being mistreated comes from a long,long line of systematic sexism:when a woman makes a point or takes a stand that a man disagrees with,he feels the need to abuse the woman to enforce his idea upon her.

    I think that cop26 having a day dedicated to gender equality is fantastic,as it will provide(hopefully) plenty of chances to discuss gender inequality.I don't think that having women's climate conference and the men's climate conference is a good idea, as it only creates more of an unnecessary divide between genders.

    Climate change effects everyone,It is beond sex,race,colour,sexuality:it effects everyone that lives on this planet ,not to mention the wildlife.Everyone one needs to have a voice on the future of our planet because at the end of the day it is all of our:it does not belong to anyone but as humans it is our responsibility to take care and nurture it no matter what.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      industrious_hen's comment 29 Sep 2021

      Well done for doing extra research into the topic - you have explained your point very well. Don't forget - when you use quotations from research, please make sure to say where they are from. This helps people to judge the reliability of the information and might strengthen your arguments.

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      1. Ormiston-Bushfield-logo-250x250.jpg industrious_hen | Ormiston Bushfield Academy | United Kingdom
        Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 29 Sep 2021

        Thank you !
        I will make sure to say where the quotations are form next time

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  • British Council.jpg insightful_starfish | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    29 Sep 2021

    Women and girls represent half of the world's population, and therefore half of its potential.Women must enjoy rights that guarantee them to live in freedom and dignity, free from fear and exploitation. So the most important rights is Gender equality, is essential for inclusive peace an social peacebuilding as a kind of conflict transformation and for unlocking society's full potential. Moreover, empowering women has been shown to stimulate productivity and economic growth. And other rights such as the right to express an opinion. The right to work or not. The right to obtain citizenship. The right to borrow and the right to participate in decision-making.

    On daily basis, women can play a critical role in managing natural resources on family and community levels and are most affected by environmental degradation. In communities around the world, women manage water, sources for fuel, and food, as well as both forests and agricultural terrain so the simplest rights is to have a puer air in the kitchen. Women produce 60 to 80 percent of food in developing countries, while inheritance laws and local customs often prevent them from owning or leasing land and securing loans or insurance.The entire world is facing great risks due to climate change, and it is not possible in any way to succeed in this fight without women playing an active role.

    In the same context, it is important to enable women, girls and marginalized groups to contribute powerfully to the global effort to protect the earth. Involving women in efforts to combat climate change will not only advance gender equality, but also lead to better and more sustainable outcomes for protecting the planet. One of the decisions that women discussed at the Cop26 summit is to achieve zero emissions, reduce fossil fuels, and replace with renewable energy
    preserving trees by afforestation.The goals are in the interest of a safe environment for future generations, low emissions and a climate-resilient future, by emphasizing that countries can and must raise their climate ambitions.

    Unfortunatlly, women remain largely absent at all levels of policy formulation and decision-making in natural resource and environmental management, conservation, protection and rehabilitation, and their experience and skills in advocacy for and monitoring of proper natural resource management too often remain marginalized in policy-making and decision-making bodies, as well as in educational institutions and environment-related agencies at the managerial level. In addition, women’s contributions to environmental management, including through grass-roots and youth campaigns to protect the environment, have often taken place at the local level, where decentralized action on environmental issues is most needed and decisive.

    Although women have taken a main and strong role in environment-related issues, getting themselves to public spheres and participating in decision-making processes over time, there is still a lot to be gained to move on. Great actions must be taken to guarantee women´s rights. COP26 celebrates international days dedicated to raising awareness of different aspects of the struggle for gender equality and women's empowerment including International Women's Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Giving women their rights is not limited to providing them with opportunities only, but also includes changing the way different societies and countries deal with them, including adopting new laws and policies, and taking care of their representation of different organizations and positions. For example, in Palestine, new laws should be applied to save the life of women and girls and protect them from political and social violence.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      insightful_starfish's comment 30 Sep 2021

      You've shared a lot with us here, insightful_starfish! Can you tell us where you found your information? And do you think these days are important for raising awareness, and what else could governments and organisations do to promote women's rights?

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      1. British Council.jpg insightful_starfish | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
        Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 30 Sep 2021

        Actually, I do believe in science, so when you post critical questions, I usually follow these steps. I start skimming a lot of information to understand the topic from different domains. For this purpose, I use google to search for scientific journals, and online platforms.

        Thus, I would like to thank you for such oppourtunity which helped me to think critically and creativelly. It makes me develop my reading skills, including skimming, scanning, and intensive reading.

        Regarding your question about women, these days, we are in dire need to stand by women rights and guarantee them in a certified and authorized manner by the government, society and individuals.

        Nowadays, women need support, in general, and in Arab societies, in particular. They are subjected to violence, beatings, and humiliation which may even lead to murder. This heinous act is justified by the fact that they violated social norms and traditions and what their ancestors brought up.

        Accordingly, we all have to strive inorder to allow women obtain their full rights of respect for opinion and equality. Anumber of procedures can be done. First, creating the awareness for women's rights is important. For example, there is a campaign to combat violence against women “I want a solution” that was launched.

        Second, designing websites where women can register their problems and be contacted afterwards and the seriousness and truth of the complaint is important.

        Third, awareness is also raised about women's rights through awareness-raising workshops conducted by women's rights organizations, so they can launch awareness campaigns to increase women's knowledge of their rights.

        Fourth, they can also launch programs such as CSO WINS (Capacity Building in the Southern Mediterranean for Open Political Dialogue and Monitoring the Status of Women in Society) program with the support of the EU Neighborhood Mechanism for Civil Society.

        Finally, Women may be exposed to violence, so laws must be enacted to protect them and create social awareness among legal organizations and the media in order to combat these forms of violence.

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        1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
          insightful_starfish's comment 30 Sep 2021

          Can you link any of these points to COP26 and the discussions and perspectives people will find there?

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg lovely_bee | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    29 Sep 2021

    The Global Women's Assembly is calling for justice in everyone's voices so that women and men can both be treated equally in voice and gender. They want them to have the same importance of say so that everyone's opinions are heard and others can decide on what decision they want to make based on what both genders have to say. It says that 28.2% of women are placed in managerial positions but I think that every job and COP26 should both be inclusive.

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  • British Council.jpg fearless_ostrich | Islamabad Model School for Girls (VI-X) G-11/1 | Pakistan
    30 Sep 2021

    The global woman's assembly for climate is simply calling 🤙 for all voice Because everyone knows that all women are being privatized and why they are being made, it is being made because nowadays men are given more priority and women are not Given this, it is our job now to raise our voice against these innocent women and we will raise our voice for these women and bring them to justice so that all these women can lead a comfortable life. And now we should give preference to both men and women over men and more attention is paid to women in terms of their texture, color, race and nature How is it that we should not say anything with any color, but their goodness is in their heart and all things are in our religion?

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  • British Council.jpg bright_conversation | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Sep 2021

    Women are often responsible for gathering and producing food, collecting water and sourcing fuel for heating and cooking.Despite women being disproportionately affected by climate change, they play a crucial role in climate change adaptation and mitigation.A gender-responsive approach goes beyond sensitivity to gender differences. It seeks to actively promote equaliy .this often involves specific actions to empower women in their households, in their communities and in their societies as well as in broader political and planning processes.
    Studies show that 80 percent of people displaced by climate change around the globe are women.

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  • British Council.jpg warmhearted_radio | Islamabad Model School for Girls (VI-X), I-10/4 | Pakistan
    30 Sep 2021

    Womens are the future of the world. Womens voices should be heard by every one. 'Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition' I don't wrote it by my self but it is a quote for women rights and those people who don't have daughters are un blessed because the happiness of society is with womens.
    Don't let your daughters to be non educated. For example Arfa abdul karim became a pride of my country. She achieved the world's youngest Microsoft certified Professional award at the age of 9.

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  • British Council.jpg aware_painting | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    30 Sep 2021

    Represents the change of climate change in the climate. Women are considered among the groups that are disproportionately affected by this change, especially those who belong to it, global, global, or discrimination in the south. However, their voices are rarely heard in decision-making circles.

    More cumulative divisions and sharp disparities, economic movements with climate change have begun another unification. The struggle began with the leadership of diverse and powerful women and girls. Will the crisis help unite us? Will it be a starting point for the world, which motivates us to move, to organize our struggle, and, at the end, to take action?Ultimately eliminating the systemic inequalities between us?

    On the occasion of International Women's Day this year, we as ked five women activists, in collaboration with Greenpeace, what climate justice means for them, and how we can all promote diversity to ensure a just and stable future for all.

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  • British Council.jpg charming_wolf | Joypurhat Girls' Cadet College | Bangladesh
    30 Sep 2021

    1.The Global Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice is calling for action at the UN general assembly.
    2. Their call is important as-
    # Climate changes for everyone. As all people can not be included in a summit, representation of diverse groups of people will allow us to have greater variety of choices to pick from.
    # It is a matter of shame that even in thus 21st century, women need to raise their voices just to be heard, just to be included in an important project. Time calls for gender equality and this should also be implemented in COP26.
    # Almost half the population is consisting of women. If we are to change for good, co-operation from them is a must. While on this topic, it is important to mention that women should be given higher level positions as well as field level jobs, if we were to succeed in this mission.
    # 'women and children, who are often the worst affected' this quote from the attached post from The Guardian exclaims how women should have the right to participate in such events.

    3. As much as I'd like to say yes, I'd have to go with "No". Because-
    * Women from third world country may face harassment due to their origins.
    * When the official 'top-team' could not think that women can see eye to eye with them, it won't be safe to say that the other people concerned with this event are going to be respectful towards the women.
    * There's a quarantine period for red-listed country people.
    * The corona situation is restricting their range of daily accessible facilities, which might lead to inconvenient situations for the guests.

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  • British Council.jpg wonderful_banjo | Mymensingh Girls Cadet College | Bangladesh
    01 Oct 2021

    The countries with high level of gender inequality generally have a higher vulnerability to the negative impacts of climate change. This highlights that countries with lower levels of gender inequality usually take more action on climate change and are less vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change,

    Andrijevic as an activitist notes that “improvements in gender equality contribute to climate resilience”, adding that gender equality is crucial “not only for women but for the society as a whole”. Women are often more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, explains Marina Andrijevic, a research analyst at Climate Analytics and the lead author of the study. She tells Carbon Brief:

    “There’s a solid base of evidence showing that women are disproportionately vulnerable to climate change, not because there is something inherently vulnerable about women, but because of socio-cultural structures that deprive women of access to resources, decision-making, information, agency, etc.”

    For this Women must be prioritised at COP26 and other critical summits, the Global Women’s Assembly for Climate Justice is urging world leaders.

    Women and girls from every region of the world are creating a mass movement for climate justice. The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice is a global campaign organized collectively by a group of regionally diverse women’s rights and feminist organizations brought together by the urgent need for just action on climate change.

    Women commonly face higher risks and greater burdens from the impacts of climate change in situations of poverty, and the majority of the world’s poor are women. Women’s unequal participation in decision-making processes and labour markets compound inequalities and often prevent women from fully contributing to climate-related planning, policy-making and implementation. But 51% of humanity is comprised of women and girls.

    To meet the most ambitious 1.5C target of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and to limit warming to well below 2C, it is critical that the needs, perspectives, and ideas of women, as well as of men, are included in climate action so as to create just, effective, and sustainable solutions. If provided with the same access to agricultural resources as men, women can increase their agricultural yields by 20 to 30 percent, not only stepping up total agricultural output in these countries by 2.5 to 4 percent but also contributing to world hunger reduction by 12 or 17 percent, according to the UN. This can positively impact climate adaptation in two ways – appropriate technology or resources contributes to more sustainable farming and conservation, and a reduction in poverty enables individuals to better adapt to changes in climate. Their knowledge and expertise contributes greatly to building resilience to climate impacts and to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and for this their request is really important.

    I don't think enough is being done to make COP26 inclusive of women's voices because according to the article though 45 percent of the COP26 unit are women ,all of the most senior public figures or the roles are being taken by the males .MORE than 400 female leaders, celebrities, activists and academics from across the world have written to Boris Johnson to demand equal representation at the highest level of the COP26 climate summit. In September, it was revealed that not one of the top positions at the key Glasgow summit was to be filled by a woman.In late November, the COP26 top team had been expanded to include two women. In a team of 13, this was equal to just 15% of the top roles. In line with the Gender Action Plan agreed at COP25, the UK recognises that the full, meaningful and equal participation and leadership of women in climate policy is vital for achieving long-term climate goals.Though a female SheChangesClimate told , "This is our point we don’t just want women at the top we want to see them at the front, speaking and leading. This is not good enough.We need 50/50 women at the top lending their voice and their perspective to the framing and narrative of the agenda "And i think that's what makes all things different and would bring real change for women and too for the climate effect development.

    It is interesting to see how the COP panel talk about integrating the Climate Change Gender Action Plan into their strategies, to strengthen the role of women within climate action, yet the same parties continue to fail to put these policies into practice and women are still not represented in the top-level discussions. For a successful COP26, the UK needs to make sure it follows a strategy where the voices, experiences and needs of all are represented and listened to – there is no one size fits all approach to climate change. This will only be attained if there is a diversity of thought and knowledge, and when diverse women are in included in the decision making.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      wonderful_banjo's comment 01 Oct 2021

      This is a very well-communicated and researched comment, wonderful_banjo. I have awarded you with a star because you have used a mix of expert opinions, statistics and your own opinion. Fantastic!

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  • British Council.jpg lovely_kiwifruit | Jabalia Prep Girls A School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    01 Oct 2021

    Women and girls from all regions of the world are creating a mass movement for climate justice. Women’s Global Advocacy for Climate Justice is a global campaign collectively organized by a group of regionally diverse women’s rights and feminist organizations brought together by the urgent need for fair action on climate change. That’s why Cop26 should give women priorities and rights

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    02 Oct 2021

    Gender equality is the equality between men and women and includes the concept that we are all human. Men and women are free to develop their own capacities and make decisions without the boundaries drawn by stereotypes. Gender equality means that the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men must be taken into account, valued and given equal preference. This does not mean that men and women should be the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities do not depend on their gender. Gender equality means fair treatment between men and women according to their own needs. This may include equality of treatment or different treatment, but concern for equality in rights, benefits, duties and opportunities

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  • British Council.jpg super_flight | Islamabad Model School for Girls (VI-X), I-10/4 | Pakistan
    03 Oct 2021

    Global women's assembly for climate justice to coincide with UN general assembly :Life itself hangs in the balance , and we women are coming together to say that we must make the correct choices for our collective future, now (Casey Camp Horinek). From the forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the imperilled Mashall Islands and plains of the Columbia River Plateau, women and indigenous communities have been disproportionately affected by the climate change. More than 400 female climate leaders call for cop26 gender equality. Several steps can be taken for fight climate change. Firstly , end fossil fuel expansion, government must align their actions with the Paris Agreement target of keeping global warming at or below 1.5°C . Secondly, promote women's leadership and gender equality. Thirdly, ensuring women's full and equal participation in all aspects of climate policy and finance is the key to tackle climate crisis. Fourthly, the assembly calls on the government to acknowledge The unique and essential roles, responsibilities , solutions, needs, and desires of women in climate change mitigation efforts.

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  • British Council.jpg trustworthy_orangutan | Mymensingh Girls Cadet College | Bangladesh
    04 Oct 2021

    The Woman's Assembly for Climate Justice is proposing that all the voices should be heard irrespective of gender. UN figures indicate that 80% of people displaced by climate change are women. Roles as primary caregivers and providers of food and fuel make them more vulnerable when flooding and drought occur. According to the United Nations, women are 14 times more likely than men to suffer the direct consequences of natural disasters and climate breakdown because they are more likely to live in poverty, have less access to basic human rights and bear the brunt of increased violence brought on by instability. During and after extreme weather events, girls are at increased risk of violence and exploitation, including sexual and physical abuse, and trafficking.Moreover,51% of humanity is comprised of women and girls. It is critical that the needs, perspectives, and ideas of women are included in climate action so as to create just, effective, and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, indigenous women have experienced the impacts of climate change for generations and have been forerunners and leaders in environmental conservation. Their knowledge and expertise contributes greatly to building resilience to climate impacts and to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. So they play a very strong role in the management of ecosystem services ,women’s voices and expertise are part and parcel of a successful climate action plan.

    According to me, not sufficient initiatives are taken to make COP26 inclusive of women's voice. Because,
    for COP26 the selected UK leadership team is all-male, consisting of politicians and civil servants, such as Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab. This contributes to the shocking lack of women within the COP26 leadership team, where only 15% are women. Equal representation of women in all their diversity is necessary for the COP leadership team and for our planet. Many women are working behind the scenes with COP President, Alok Sharma, but female voices at the top table are very much in the minority. As a response to this glaring omission, more than 400 influential female climate leaders such as former Irish President Mary Robinson and Laurence Tubiana of the European Climate Foundation have called on the UK Government to urgently address this failure of representation.
    “We know solutions exist to mitigate the worst impacts of the crisis and that women are leading the way.”
    —Osprey Orielle Lake, founder and executive director of Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)
    For a successful COP26, the UK needs to make sure it follows a strategy where the voices, experiences and needs of all are represented and listened to – there is no one size fits all approach to climate change. This will only be attained if there is a diversity of thought and knowledge, and when diverse women are in included in the decision making.
    Then again COP26 is a critical opportunity for world leaders to work in partnership with the youth as well as the women and men. I'm hopeful because I've seen COP26 celebrating international days for women and they promote gender equality. Gender equality is also an important topic which will be discussed in the COP26.I believe, it will include more women in the discussions as main drivers of change and promote a more gender balanced workforce. Increasing the representation and visibility of women at all stages,COP26 will be an ultimate success.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      trustworthy_orangutan's comment 04 Oct 2021

      A detailed and comprehensive comment that answers the questions in the post, well done, trustworthy_orangutan. Can countries do anything else to make gender equality happen quicker?

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      1. British Council.jpg trustworthy_orangutan | Mymensingh Girls Cadet College | Bangladesh
        Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 09 Oct 2021

        Thank u so much Tom for your appreciation. To answer your question, I would like mention a quote of Billy Cox-"Our mentality becomes our reality". I believe the change should happen within ourselves first, we have to consider people as human beings irrespective of their gender, we have to learn to look beyond this difference. Awareness in society and country can bring a huge change, I'm not saying there is no awareness against thus discrimination, but what I'm trying to imply is each and every person should be aware of this and this should be a part of moral education and the government of each country should ensure it.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg marvellous_hurricane | Boutcher C of E Primary School B | United Kingdom
    13 Oct 2021

    Women should have the rights to share their ideas and to be heard in this problem we are living in (COP26),as most people overlook women which is horrible as they think that they are not tough enough or knowledgeable enough but we all here know to not judge people,and I'm saying this because,Mary Jackson, who was a great computer and by a great computer I mean she used her intellegente mind to solve mathematicals in her head.However,people were saying that she could not apply for NACA as she was black and a woman,but nothing changed her mind, which shows that the women who want to take part of being heard in COP26 should have the rights to do it.As although the process of trying to know what is right to serve your country and what the citizens of the country wants,they still should be free to have decisions everyone should be apart of.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      marvellous_hurricane's comment 14 Oct 2021

      Well done for supporting your point with a historical example!

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg storytelling_king | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    19 Oct 2021

    Women definitely should have the rights to have a say in the climate crisis because half of the population are women and like youth people they shouldn't be overlooked! Women have shown over centuries how capable they are to be a future of the country. Queen Elizabeth II once said, 'The upward course of a nation's history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women.' Specifically Queen Elizabeth did not say 'men' but 'men and women.' Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most inspirational women in history ( also the longest reigning monarch) and this quote clearly states how our future is up to both men and women to save our planet. Many famous women broke records such as Amelia Earhart who was the first person to fly solo around the world - no men volunteered for that role! Our ancestors, which would of been both men and women, were part of many times where inspirational era's happened. We must not forget the women's role in history but instead look up to it.
    My final point is that nearly a century ago the suffragettes were fighting for women to get the vote and this is the same thing just in a different context. The suffragettes did get their rights but our their efforts going to be in vain? No, so this is why women should have the same rights at COP26.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      storytelling_king's comment 19 Oct 2021

      Well done for supporting your argument with evidence. Why, or how, might someone disagree with you?

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg storytelling_king | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    19 Oct 2021

    Firstly, thank you for the star.

    Secondly, someone might disagree with me because throughout history, people have been very stereotypical about all kinds of things. Disappointingly, that includes women who through history have been seen as people that are weak, or less capable as men. Unfortunately, some people still believe that and that is now called being 'sexist'. Now in authority, that is looked down upon but some people may still believe the olden days theory. This might happen because everyone says that our ancestors were wise and knew well about everything but the thing is it was not considered wrong then! That is the reason why we believe that women are not capable as men which is utterly not true.

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  • British Council.jpg broadminded_independence | Faujdarhat Cadet College | Bangladesh
    19 Oct 2021

    Almost everyone here is sharing their opinion about the role of women and why they are important. But, what most of us is missing is, how to ensure inclusiveness in COP26 for women, so that impactful solutions are found for the climate crisis. It isn't an unused finding that the impacts of climate alter are not gender unbiased. That's why the voice of women must be listened to. Therefore, to ensure inclusiveness in COP26 here is a brief discussion from my point of view, about what can be done to ensure that women’s voices are heard at the COP26 climate summit-
    I believe, at the national and subnational levels, leading steps forward must include the design and planning of policies, programs, and projects, as well as financing, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. In particular, investing in participatory, multi-stakeholder, and multi-sectoral gender action plans on climate change can help countries develop comprehensive policies that are gender-sensitive and draw on the unique knowledge and perspectives of women. It is necessary to guarantee equal space and resources for women and men so that they can participate in decision-making and action on climate change at all levels. Climate finance ought to be available to both men and women and ought to point to make shared benefits, not to compound designs of disparity. Capacity building, expertise sharing, and conversation via public cognizance and public get entry to international, national, local, and nearby facts on mitigation and variation measure a good way to enhance the expertise of the extraordinary results of climate change on people and girls. Coherence via means of strengthening the combination of gender elements for the coherent implementation of gender-associated mandates must be affirmed. Gender equality and method of implementation in all mitigation-variation-finance-technology-improvement, sports geared toward making sure respect, advertising, and attention of gender equality and the empowerment of girls inside the implementation of the Convention and the Paris Agreement should be maintained. Monitoring and reporting to enhance tracking of implementation and reporting on gender mandates beneath the (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) UNFCCC will have to be ensured.

    Countries have begun declaring a climate crisis, but unless they recognize the different encounters and information of women, the resulting climate activity will not be far-reaching or successful. The host country has to bring around facilitated and agreeable endeavours at the national level that advance comprehensive support procedures. Only if this works, we can hope for climate protection that truly makes a distinction!

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  • British Council.jpg wonderful_banjo | Mymensingh Girls Cadet College | Bangladesh
    22 Oct 2021

    J Justified display of news report
    O Observant of crimes and offense in the community
    U Upholding the Truth through confirmation
    R Reasonable analyzation of trustworthy information
    N Necessary research for articles
    A Active and determined in job
    L Logical reporting of Truth and Accuracy
    I Impartiality in judgement
    S strong personal Conscience in Reporting
    T Trustworthy source of news

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      wonderful_banjo's comment 25 Oct 2021

      Please make sure all work is written in your own words, this looks like it has been copied or translate from another website. Thank you!

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