What do we want from journalists reporting on the November climate conference


A journalist is a person who practices the profession of journalism, either spoken or written,[1] and the job of a journalist is to collect and publish information about current events, trends and people’s issues and to make reportages.

Journalist is an old Arabic word. Previously, it was said to someone who brings information from books without a teacher. During literary discussions, they criticized those who did not have a sheikh or teacher and called him a journalist.

The important thing is the inclusion of this word. At the beginning of the formation of the Qur'an by Abu Al-Aswad Al-Du'ali with dots. It was intended to annex, conquest and

After that, Nasr bin Asim put his new point, by which he meant the uttering of the

At that time the points clashed. Until the reader of the Qur’an began to recite the Qur’an and mix with the Qur’an between annexation, jim, and kha’. This is because he is not interested in a teacher or a sheikh who teaches him the letters of the Qur’an. Until this problem is rectified, Al-Khalil

Journalism has developed during the twentieth century, some of them specialize in writing about economics, political analysis, science, medicine, or astronomy, and some of them take risks and report news from events and expose themselves to dangers in the battlefields and revolutions. The journalist has formed his society and opened wide windows for him in the areas of free thinking, freedom, equality, and salvation from the constraints of factional, clan and narrow thinking. The more the journalist develops and rises in his thinking and his responsibility to his society, the more his audience and readers benefit from his work, and with him the peoples develop as he becomes interested in analysis and criticism.

What are the qualities of a successful journalist?

1- Journalistic sense: the journalist must possess a high sense of everything that is worthy of being important news, and the journalistic sense is a talent and a talent that exists in many people, but it needs development and refinement through the accumulated experiences and experience. It is then somewhat similar to the so-called sixth sense.

2- Professional:

Journalism is a profession like all other professions, and its professionals must possess everything that makes them practice their profession with great success, including the ability to express clear and precise expression through language. Accuracy, objectivity and experience in processing and editing information. And knowledge of everything related to the profession of rules, laws, conditions, limitations and obligations, as well as the appropriate preparations to deal with various changes and developments, and the journalist’s tools are no longer limited to pen and paper as they were before. Modern tools of photography, recording, communication and others.

3. Health and fitness:

Getting the news often requires walking long distances, or waiting for long hours. Some of them also require working in different environments that may be devoid of necessary services such as water, food and amenities. In addition, working inside the editorial halls and when attending seminars and conferences requires sitting or staying up for hours close to dawn. All this requires that the journalist enjoy excellent health. And that he has a clear ability to be patient, tolerant, and to bear the inconveniences and troubles. Under this section, the safety of the five senses and the complete awareness of self-preservation, especially in areas of crises, conflicts and wars.

4- Honesty and integrity:

The journalist has great responsibilities in maintaining the privacy of information. It has to be handled and traded with great caution and in accordance with the prevailing laws, and everything related to customs, customs and traditions falls under this concept. They have what the laws of respect, reverence and appreciation. The information obtained by the journalist at every moment is often related to persons, civil or governmental institutions, or popular, political or economic entities.

In my opinion, all these qualities must be available in journalists when reporting the events of the conference. We rely on them to convey information accurately and benefit from it.

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    08 Oct 2021

    The journalist must possess a high sense of everything that is worthy of being important news, and he must have the ability and accurate intuition, experience and sufficient knowledge, and to distinguish between what may be important news and what cannot be so. Through the accumulated experiences and experience, and there are also some qualities that every journalist must possess, including good communication skills, mastery of technology use skills, and self-confidence because confidence is the basis of every work, thinking quickly, employing logic and psychological comfort when conducting interviews with various people.

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  • British Council.jpg appreciative_pear | Shouka Prep Girls School | Occupied Palestinian Territory
    13 Oct 2021

    The qualities of a successful journalist are to have sufficient information and experience in all news, whether political, economic and social, to put forward non-consumed ideas, boldness to present the topic of impartiality, respect for all emotions and poems, high ability to monitor and evaluate the news, choosing the appropriate timing for its publication, journalistic sense, professionalism, objectivity, broad culture, intelligence, flexibility, reading and perusal. He is always on the latest writing methods and how to sound formulation, and to ensure that his information is obtained from reliable sources, the validity of what the journalist writes, the credibility of his words and work, and the transparency he conveys to the viewer. In my opinion, a successful journalist must have great courage in presenting ideas without contradicting the rules of the profession's code of ethics, and he must be supported by good relations.

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