Why are we like this?

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Many of the people are still not aware about why and how climate change impacts us in a wrong way- why climate change is a crisis for the earth and all its habitants. But some of those who are aware still do nothing.

Let's talk about your own instinct. You know very well that it's wrong to throw your garbages or waste materials hither and thither, be it a small packet of chips. But sometimes you can't help yourself. And mostly the reason is you can't find a dustbin near! But you know the consequences are eventually going to fall upon the world and even on you, directly or imdirectly.

But still- you don't care as much as you should! And this thing is wrong with us- greatly with some of us and lesser with others.

But when, we even after being hugely educated on this issue, don't act accordingly, how are gonna make the unaware section of this world aware?

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