Words won't save our planet, deeds will.

Climate change is being discussed since the 19th century.But after all this years have we progressed in the field of climate change ? we have surely made it worst.

People have been listening about climate change, students have been reading about climate change in their books, the political leaders have been giving speeches about climate change. If everyone knows about the effects and causes of this fact, Than who is responsible for this?

The problem is we are just talking about it but no one is doing anything. Climate change has become a topic of competitions, conferences , discussions , essays etc. It no longer feels like a real world issue. Talkshows are necessary but implementation is more important.

We need to understand that climate change or global warming is a real life issue. There are few people who don't know about climate change. Again there are fewer people who are actually concious about it.

So my main point is, we have to believe and actually implement what we are saying. People from all stages should come forward and actually do things .

What do you think? Do you think we are doing what we are saying? share your opinion with us.

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