Gillian Burke answers your questions!

We're delighted to welcome BBC wildlife presenter and biologist Gillian Burke to the Burnet News Club to answer your excellent questions. We usually introduce our experts, but we'll let Gillian do that!

Is extreme weather the most dangerous challenge facing the natural world?
brilliant_fossil, Upton Cross Primary School

What role do broadcasters play in making the public understand the problem of extreme weather?
proactive_agency, Achimota Basic School, Ghana

In your job, have you had to work in extreme weather and where was this?
excited_politics, Rimal prep Girls School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Have you seen any positive consequences of extreme weather on the natural world?
protective_lute, Zaitoun Prep Girls School, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Is it too late to stop climate change and extreme weather or are we able to work together to help stop this?
appreciative_hurricane, Hammond Junior School

What was your favourite answer from Gillian Burke and why? Add your thoughts to the comments below!

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