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  • We often hear through the media, such as television and social media, about extreme weather news such as an earthquake hitting an area or a hurricane or tsunami or fires as happened recently in Australia because of the high temperatures and we hear a lot of these news, especially recently and sometimes we see it using YouTube I think That is not enough. In my opinion, we must learn what is sufficient for these phenomena, especially that we in Palestine are not exposed to such phenomena due to the mild climate in our country and the fall of our country on the Mediterranean coast, which makes our climate hot, dry, warm summers, rainy winters, and for this reason I would like to know from you information that might help us If we were exposed to such phenomena as you would be exposed to.

1. In your view, what are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them at the individual level and at the state level itself ??

Are the most dangerous phenomena experienced by your country? What are the steps taken to control extreme weather?

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