Be prepared.

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The question is ....

Are you prepared for extreme weather events ? Do you think most people are adequately prepared for extreme weather events?

Preparation is critical to surviving any extreme weather event.

Daily, questions like "What will happen to human race ?are we going to survive this extreme weather? and so on", keeps crossing our mind but have we thought of how prepared we are especially now the abnormal is the new normal.

Storms, Floods and other weather extremes that occurs like once in a while now occur more often.Thats the new normal we're living in. So we see, Extreme weathers are happening everywhere; not just in remoted areas but at our front doors.

People are aware of the weather, we talk about them almost everytime, but then people don't take the step to get prepared for it. They usually don't think about it until it happens around them, they now freak out and start searching for a solution to it. People when hearing of some extreme weather just think it's not going to happen to them, so that's the mentality to break through.

In any suitation, there are three things we need to do. One, Get informed on what's happening around you. Two, have a plan and emergency kit ready. Three, ride out any events that is bearing down on you and stay smart during its recovery. The third part is important because most casualties occurs during the storm recoveries and many don't think about that. People often step on debris like nails, broken glass etc, poured down during the storms and this is another occurence all together.

We also need to be mindful of nature's signals. For instance, spotting spiders at home meaning it's going to get cold. Also, spotting worms on the ground that may be a precursor to a flood. We all live in nature, so it's impotant to be tuned with it and to get prepared.

If we fail to prepare, we plan to fail. To except the unexpected shows a throughly modern intellect. Preparation is important because when we prepare well, we start well because we have put some measures in place before starting. If we are prepared we will have a safe environment and also, reduction of loss which may occur. Being prepared for those extreme weather events can help reduce fear, anxiety and losses that accompanies the disasters.

Lastly, i want you all to know that preparation is a skill that can be learnt and which, with discipline and experience, improves over time. so be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

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