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As you can see, the global situation in the world is not at its top, and I didn't want to be passive during the pandemic and not helping people that suffer.

I'm a young developer and I have an experience with the web development. I learned it through online courses from many platforms such as Udemy, Youtube etc. And since that day, I never stopped learning because I think that it's a very useful passion, that is unfortunately, unknown by many persons. I use these skills for personal projects (like social medias, hubs etc.) but also for school projects about many topics : Internet Safety, Drugs at school etc.

That really helped me developing my research part and during these years, I've also gained new skills such as the aibility to work in a team, leadership, critical thinking and curiosity.

So I've decided to push my limits and to create a "Covid-19 Tracker". The process of the creation might seem simple : I got the data from an API (Application Program Interface) which grants you access to a database; you just have to send requests to the API, and it returns the data. Then, you have to format it, so it can readable for users. And that's the process that I used in my website.

You can have access lots of data as : Total Cases, New Cases, critical ones, total number of tests and more !

You can also see a chart with the evolution of the virus from the beginning of the pandemic, and this for different countries.

Finally I've added some information about the virus to know what we're facing (symptoms, incubation period etc. ), and some ways of prevention.

When developing this website, my main goal was to keep people informed in an easy, fast and free way.

A special thanks to my English teacher who supported me.

Here is the link :

Thank you and I hope you will like it,

Stay safe,

Pioneer Prep School of Sousse,


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