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My speech is on the damaging effects of droughts on the lives of people across the globe and how it can be controlled using tree planting. Droughts have dwindled the economies of many nations. Many people have been rendered jobless due to droughts. Farmers and fishermen have been the most victims.

In some countries, the peaceful co-existence of their citizens has been threatened by droughts. An example has been cited in Kenya where droughts even resulted in civil war. So the world can never sit aloof and watch our world destroyed by this disaster called drought. The world must rise up to do something to curb this unfortunate event of an extreme weather. I hereby sell to the nations, the sure way of battling this disaster. And this way is tree planting.

I have come to appreciate what trees can do to kick droughts away from our lives. The existence of trees ensures that our vegetation cover is secured and that people receive uninterrupted rainfall. I therefore suggest to the nations to make tree planting their habit. Every person must make it a point to plant at least one tree in his/her lifetime.

This attitude of tree planting must be inculcated into students of all levels across the globe. Tree planting must be a lifestyle of all and sundry. I still maintain that, the survival of mankind is largely dependent on the existence of trees. The very day the last tree dies, the last man also dies. Even God in his own wisdom, first created trees before creating man. He knew, man could not have survived without trees. So please, do not joke with tree planting. Through our collaborative efforts of planting enough trees, droughts will surely be a thing of the past.

Thank you.

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