Extreme weather reactions

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Humans have a lot of responsibilities in protecting the earth.

Here are some of my opinions

First of all, i think we humans should protect our forest lands and avoid cutting down of trees without planting new ones. We should remember that we get oxygen from the trees which helps us to surive. The trees also help in protecting the earth from erosion during flooding.

I also think that we should avoid litering and polluting our lands and seas with dry and liquid wastes. These wastes blocks our drainage systems which causes flooding. The pollution of our rivers and seas also poisons our water bodies which kills all the fishes and poisons us when we eat those poisoned fishes.

Finally, I think that the indiscriminate burning of our bushes also not only destroy our forest lands, but releases poisonous gases which destroys the ozone layer which protects us and the earth and when this protection is lost, we are exposed to some severe weather reactions.

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