Hurricane Facts and Quiz

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Hurricanes establish over warm water and uses the water as an energy source. It is like a tropical storm with powerful winds. Hurracanes can create tornados, high waves and floodes so being stuck in one will not be to pleasent. A normal hurracane can last up to 12 - 24 hoirs but some can sustane themselves for up to a month like hurracane Jhon in 1994. Every second a hurricane releases the energy of ten atomic boms. Hurricanes were founded by Christopher Columbus in the early 1500.

A hurracane is also known as:

. a tornado

. a tropical storm - a tropical storm can travel at 74 mph

. and a cyclone

Answer these questions in full sentances-you may need to do some research as only few are related to our post:

Question 1 - What areas of the world do hurracanes usually form in? The clue is in one of the names

Question 2 - What is the worst hurricane in history?

Question 3 - How many catagories of hurricane are there?

Question 4 - (Opinion) If you saw a hurricane coming what would you do?

Thank you for reading we look forward to seeing your responses,

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Our information is from and we recommend this website to all of you because it has weather facts.

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